Mum shares a surprisingly simple common cold remedy for kids!

Mum shares a surprisingly simple common cold remedy for kids!

This everyday vegetable seems to have a surprising and extraordinary healing power that's waiting to be tapped!

There’s nothing quite as distressing as seeing your child sick, even if it’s just a bout with the common cold. But have you ever heard of potato feet as a remedy?

You’re open to trying anything, that’s for sure. You follow your paediatrician’s advice, but sometimes you get impatient for results. You decide to take matters into your own hands. 

As always, care must be taken when consulting Dr. Internet or seeking the help of well-meaning mummies online. It is, however, interesting to know how even the most unusual remedies have seemingly worked.

Take, for instance, the honey wrap remedy for cough that made waves online after one mum from Singapore recommended it.

Now a California mum is adding her own magic remedy to the mix.

“So I saw an article about putting potatoes in the baby’s sock when they’re sick,” wrote California-based mom Debbie Vigan in Facebook post. “So Deairres had a little cold and I put potatoes in his socks last night around 8 to 9pm.”

Continuing, she recounted how the unusual remedy seemingly worked for her son, “He didn’t cough through the night…nose isn’t running…isn’t as congested and he slept for 12 hrs.”

Her post went on to be shared nearly 300,000 times after just a few weeks. Potato feet became a very popular remedy!

Potato feet

Screenshot from Debbie Vigan’s Facebook post

Potato feet: Is it true or a silly fad?

It is not just Debbie who touts the effectivity of this home remedy. Medical researcher Jenny Hills also sings its praises in an article on Healthy and Natural World.

According to Hills, potatoes have long been believed to have anti-toxicity properties that can kill bacteria and viruses. This knowledge dates back to ancient China and Egypt. 

If you’re willing to give it a try, here’s how to do it:

Slice a potato, about 1/8 of an inch thick, and stuff it into your child’s sock. Leave it there overnight.

Not only do some mums swear by its effect on colds, it can also help bring down a child’s high fever.

According to WebMD, potato peels have anti-bacterial properties, too. And raw potato has been known to help alleviate the symptoms of arthritis, infections, burns, and sore eyes.

When used to make juice, potatoes can help allay stomach disorders and swelling. When crushed into a fine powder and mixed with water, it can help hasten weight loss.

No matter how simple a home intervention might be, it’s always best to consult your child’s paediatrician when your child is ill. It pays to be on the safe side. You can always count on your doctor to come up with the treatment that best suits your child.

You can find Debbi Vigan’s full Facebook post here.

sources: WebMD, Healthy and Natural World

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