Positive changes after pregnancy: Janet Hsieh loves her "Big Boobies"!

Positive changes after pregnancy: Janet Hsieh loves her "Big Boobies"!

Tired of hearing only negative things about postpartum bodies? Well, celeb mum Janet Hsieh reveals some positive changes after pregnancy!

Tired of hearing how pregnancy and giving birth changes your mind and body forever, and not in a good way? Well, you’ll be surprised at some of the more positive changes after pregnancy.

Just like what celeb mum Janet Hsieh discovered. 

Sure, she recently talked about diastasis recti and the big mummy tummy it gave her. But, guess what she’s now in love with? 

Big boobs. 🙂

Janet Hsieh loves the positive changes after pregnancy

If you didn’t know, Janet Hsieh and George Young recently gave birth to a baby boy – Egan. And mummy makes sure she regularly updates her motherhood journey online.

And amidst her breastfeeding struggles and war against flab, she has now finally found her silver lining.

She writes on Instagram, “One of the best things about having a baby….. BIG BOOBIES!!!”

Janet sounds like she is totally in love with her new body, “Seriously though, I’m loving my new figure and it looks great in photos, but more importantly, it’s also currently: Egan’s breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, midnight snack, mid morning snack, mid mid morning snack, mid mid mid morning snack…”

She recently also joked that, “I have to feed Egan three hours every day or my chest will swell up and I could go from a C to an F cup in a day.” 

positive changes after pregnancy


Her latest plus-sized assets have now found a new fan in…hubby George of course! 🙂

Pregnant mummies, something to look forward to, then? 😉

5 Other positive changes after pregnancyno one really talks about

Meanwhile, we thought we’d break away from the norm and dwell on something positive for a change. Here then are 5 other ways pregnancy and childbirth change you for the better! 🙂

1.More normal menstrual cycle

Women who have had a rather erratic menstrual cycle will be relieved to see their periods becoming far more regular after having a baby!

Also, those who were earlier plagued by polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), fibroids and endometriosis have also reported improvement in their conditions after giving birth.

Some women even notice a decrease or disappearance of PMS symptoms after childbirth.

This might be because of a far more relaxed and work-stress free you, which led to the re-balancing of hormones.

2. Less risk of cancer

A study conducted in 2015 revealed that women who give birth to one child have about a 20 % reduction in risk of ovarian cancer, when compared to women who do not have children. Their risk of developing endometrioid and clear cell tumours is also 40 % less.

And if you are breastfeeding, there’s better news. A huge study involving over 750,000 women found that breastfeeding reduced the risks of breast cancer by up to 20%. 

This might be because the high hormone levels required to lactate appeared to affect cell growth, protecting the breast from changes which increase the risk of breast cancer.

Women also do not often ovulate while producing breast milk, which is also understood to protect against cancer of the breast and ovaries.

3 No time to sit

Which, though is a bad thing, is actually a good thing. 🙂

It makes mummies super active and less likely to lead a sedentary lifestyle. That automatically lowers the risk of high cholesterol and heart disease. 

4. Greater brain power

So we know that women are great at multi-tasking, but new mums also have to multi-task both adult and childcare responsibilities! All in 24 hours! 🙂

That makes a mum a quick and sharp thinker and decision maker. Also, unknown to her, every day she’s storing volumes of information about her baby, the slightest change in behaviour, what worked, what didn’t etc.

5. More physical strength and endurance

Let’s face it. If you can bear childbirth, you can bear ANYTHING. A mum automatically starts feeling more confident and powerful after childbirth for this very reason.

She is amazed that all the pain and challenges she faced during pregnancy and childbirth have not dampened her love for her baby.

She realises that she in fact, has the greatest power in the world. The power to nurture and give birth to life.

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