Here’s why you should join POSB Parents

Here’s why you should join POSB Parents

With so many options and distractions that the online world offers, parents need a safe and reliable place to go that truly understands what it takes to be a mum or dad in this day and age. Finding an online community to call your own will greatly help you through this parenting journey.

Smartphones and tablets have made parenting tough! It has come to a point where growing your circle of support online is necessary to keep up with the latest conversations… but you’ll want a level of comfort that the conversations you’re having don’t become public information that could compromise the security of you and your family.

There are many groups out there that serve generic parenting needs, but none that tackles the important economic responsibilities of providing for and raising a family... until we learnt about the existence of POSB Parents.

Here’s why you should join POSB Parents

Why POSB Parents?

POSB Parents was started to provide a safe space for open discussions—because let’s face it, it’s both financially and emotionally challenging to provide the best opportunities all the time for our families as parents. What sets this community apart is their holistic focus of teaching family financial planning to Moms and Dads, and sharing tips on how to teach good financial habits to our children from young. POSB Parents also hosts fun-filled family events to nurture family bonds, as they believe that a strong family foundation is important for having an open discussion around money topics. It’s evident they offer a novel approach to help modern-day mums and dads #WalkTheParentingTalk

Back in June, the community focused on the concept of family aspirations and setting goals that involve the kids. Parents in the community discussed concerns unique to Singaporean families, and shared tips on keeping track with family goals!

Here’s why you should join POSB Parents

Join them on a journey of growing this small, budding parents’ community! Participate in discussions, meet other families at community events, and join contests and giveaways at POSB Parents.

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Maita De Jesus

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