POLL: Did Andy Lau give his baby girl a pretty name?

POLL: Did Andy Lau give his baby girl a pretty name?

Most of us know that celebs go crazy when naming their kids—especially in Hollywood. Some come up with downright dumb names too. Hong Kong superstar Andy has chosen a name for his Dragon princess baby. Tell us what you think of her name in the poll below.

The name has been decided on, Cantopop singer and actor Andy Lau had picked out several names for his precious baby on the way, but only one remains after the eliminations.


Yun Shan is now the chosen name after consulting religious masters and it means “Gentle Cloud”. 46-year-old mummy-to-be Carol Choo is now residing in a high-security residence and awaiting her due date—sometime in June. Yun Shan will come into the world via C-section.

Tell us what you think of the name Andy chose for his Water Dragon baby girl in the poll below.


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Felicia Chin

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