Poll: Are babies racist or not?

Poll: Are babies racist or not?

This photo went viral and sparked a heated debate. Some say the babies are going to poke each other’s eyes out while others say they are connecting--still others were complaining that the parents are carrying the babies on their backs instead of in front. What say you?

Baby racism

Are babies racist or not?

We put this photo up last week and it sparked an unexpected debate. Indeed people view the same picture but from very different perspectives. 31, 496 people liked the post and hundreds of people voiced their opinions about the image. What is your view? Check out the comments below…

Novia Dewi: I agree with this statement. Every body born to give love to each other. Although always have different in religion and culture. We have to able solve it.

Michael Jordan: This is 100% true, hatred and intolerance comes from bad influences or experiences.

Mike Chew: The babies are starting young. They are pointing their finger to each other. Haha just kidding. How so true for young minds, un-polluted by prejudices.

Joanne Kwoh: Love the pic, don’t like the caption. Don’t have to go there – and taint the purity.

Chen Li Ying: Yes, today I learn to teach my little girl to accept other colour skins friends (my BEARY friendly Indian neighbours) because in my girl’s little child care centre more Chinese students.

As parent, I should NOT keep my back toward other colour skins from myself & family. Turning my face & Looking around to my neighbours who are different colours with us & smile “Hi”…..”How are you today…”

Carmen Bland: So true and it makes me sad to think there is so much hatred and intolerance in the world! Sometimes I worry about the world I have brought my beautiful children into but, all I can do is teach them tolerance and love and hope that they will take people as they find them.

Valerie Blanchet Thompson Quigley: Isn’t life simple seen through a baby’s eyes. Then life gets complicated.

Kristi Cisneros: Hatred and intolerance is not based solely on one’s color. Children are taught to hate/discriminate people because of religion, sexual preference, political views and other differences that one is ignorant about. It is a very sad and dangerous practice that has been going on since the beginning of time and unfortunately does not appear to have an end in sight. The best we can do is teach our children what’s right and do our best to make a difference in each pocket of the world we live in.

Iain J. Bullen: Stepping aside from all the warm and fuzzy PC comments here, the sad reality is tolerance is all to often a one way street. I have personally been on the end of so much intolerance from those I have welcomed with open arms who arrived demanding tolerance from me and alike. It seems that the definition of tolerance in the minds of many is ‘you must accept and tolerate my differences, but your differences offend me so you must change’. How does true tolerance and peace grow from that?

Kimberly Walker: There is only one race…..THE HUMAN RACE!! ♥

Ann McNamara: Dennis Leary says “No one is born a racist. Hate is taught, I’ve got a 2 year old. Know the only thing he hates? naps.”

Debie Laycock-Brown: Research shows that prejudice begins to be learnt at around 24 months, so it follows that non-prejudice behaviours can also be cemented from a similar age. Love this picture.

Victor Endurance Teo: Color? What color? It shouldn’t be in our mind in the first place

Tom Newburn: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2139735/Babies-develop-racist-traits-aged-months-coming-contact-races.html

Heather Diabo: 14,000+ likes & 75 comments…… We are what we preach ppl. The day we unite as one is the start of a new beginning. It is a small world we are all here for a lifetime and have to co-exist! Time to put politics & religion aside and make peace!

Lilia Tang: Beautiful!

Mirko Griens: It’s ads like these that keep the thought of intolerance alive. My children never ask questions about people with different languages, clothing or skin colour. Ads like these could make them wander if they should.

Vivian McClure: So cute, of purse there r people who are going to take this pic and twist the story around but that’s only because your ignorant. That’s the beauty of kids they walk up to anyone and speak regardless of the way they look, color or size, they don’t care so why do we?


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