Policewoman saves abandoned newborn found in forest by breastfeeding her

Policewoman saves abandoned newborn found in forest by breastfeeding her

"I'm a new mother and I have milk and I recognised the needs that this poor little creature had."

Only hours-old, the baby girl was suffering from hypothermia and starvation. Till her hero came along...

The Mirror covered the caring act by officer and new mum Luisa Urrea, who breastfed the tot after being called to a remote forest (in rural Colombia) by locals who found the abandoned child.  Luisa saved the baby from starvation as they waited for the paramedics. The newborn still had part of her umbilical cord attached.

Doctors have stated that the newborn would have perished to starvation and hypothermia had Officer Urrea not acted as she did.


"I think any woman would have given her nourishment in the same circumstances."

-Officer Luisa Urrea

Police commandant Javier Martin reported on the condition of the newborn when she was first found,"The girl had some lacerations and was suffering from hypothermia."

He added, "However, she was treated quickly and is now in good health."

Policewoman breastfeeds

The infant is now being cared for by the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare who are searching for an adoptive home for her.

Officials are looking for the baby's birth mother, who may have to face attempted murder charges.

Orphanage director Jhon Arley Murillo clarified: "We could be dealing with a case of attempted homicide, although it's the prosecutor who will decide the charge."


Breastfeeding someone's else baby is not a unheard-of occurrence.

While most people will not go up to a stranger's baby and start breastfeeding her, mums who are breast friends have been known to nurse each other's children.

Ultimately, breastfeeding has numerous benefits besides providing essential nutrition to the baby!

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