Please Help Baby Aryana Qaisara

Please Help Baby Aryana Qaisara

For days after her birth, Baby Aryana had to remain in hospital, not only deprived of the comfort of a mother’s bosom but she had to go through surgery after surgery...

The day a baby is born is an unforgettable day for most parents. The moment that precious bundle is put into your arms is unlike any other. But sometimes, things don’t happen the way people might expect them to. For some parents, the day that their baby is born is a day of anguish, pain and anxiety.

This was the case with parents Abdul Aziz bin Abdul Rahman and Haryanti bte Abdullah. The ecstatic couple were expecting their second child, 3 years after their first daughter. The check-ups and screenings at the Hospital initially reported all was fine, and the couple was even assured that a Down’s syndrome test would be unnecessary, as mum Haryanti was below 35 years of age. The only problem that the parents were notified of beforehand was the minor problem of the baby’s dilated kidneys.

But it was on the 30th of April 2010, at 9.04am, when their lives were changed forever. The magical moment when Baby Aryana was born turned out to be a nightmare for her parents. Before Abdul Aziz and Haryanti could even hold their child, she was whisked away to KKH, found to have 2 holes in her heart, dilated kidneys, an imperforate anus, and on top of all of that, likely to be diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome.

For days after she was born, Baby Aryana Qaisara had to remain in hospital, apart from her family. Not only was Aryana deprived of the comfort of a mother’s bosom, the brave little girl had to go through surgery after surgery, with tubes, needles and wires attached to every inch of her body. Without Baby Aryana by their side, all her parents could do was to wait anxiously, pray, and hope for good news. Only a whole painful week later that Haryanti was allowed to hold her little princess for the first time.

“Our lives have changed forever,” says Abdul Aziz. “But ultimately, it’s all God’s creation. She was sent to us for a purpose, we were chosen to take care of her, and we love her so I will do the best for what I can do.”

Nevertheless, the financial strain piles on. The family will have to face the burden of the additional expenses from the following 3 surgeries. The cost of her first operation and recovery in the Intensive Care Unit alone amounted to approximately S$25,000 - merely a fraction of the money the family will be drained off for surgeries, hospital stays, treatment, and medication. On top of the medical bills, the long-term cost is a great concern for Abdul Aziz, as Baby Aryana will require special care and attention in her growing years.

“We need to wait to see how severe the Down’s Syndrome is,” continues Abdul Aziz. “But she is beautiful, really. Sometimes, when she’s asleep, you can’t even tell that there is anything wrong.”

It only takes a little bit to help ease the financial burden, and more importantly, give Baby Aryana a snatch at a normal life. To donate,

BY CASH OR CHEQUE: Please seal money in an envelope or make cheques payable to "Muhd Fazly bin Abdul Rahman". If you would like to send them by post, drop the family an SMS at 9159 6947 or Facebook message and they will provide you with their residential address.

BY BANK TRANSFER: You may also transfer money to POSB savings account number 170-34080-9.

While some might prefer to keep their identities confidential, the family hopes that you will let them know who you are so that they may show their appreciation for your support and kindness. For donations or general enquiries, you can contact Baby Aryana’s uncle, Muhd Fazly bin Abdul Rahman, at 91596947.

To keep up with Baby Aryana's progress and send your well wishes to her family, join their Facebook group created specially for their brave little girl.

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