Planning a stress-free holiday

Planning a stress-free holiday

The kids are getting psyched about the June holidays, while mum and dad are going crazy planning for that perfect family getaway. But is there such a thing as a stress-free holiday these days? Here’s a perfect solution.

Club Med, June holiday 2013

Go on a stress-free getaway at Club Med this June holiday 2013

We all go through a long list of items while planning for that perfect family holiday.

Destination? [A dreamy beach resort at a nearby island]

Travel arrangements? [Checked]

Hotel stay? [Checked]

Meals? [Tons of highly recommended places to check out around the area. Only thing is, do they have kid-friendly menus?]

Activities for the kids? [No idea]

Activities for mum and dad? [Clueless]

Reconsider your list!

Before you hit the panic button, take a moment to breathe in and clear your mind while you go through your list again. Since you are definite with sticking to a beach resort (as voted by the kiddos), it might be a good idea to do a quick search online for resort destinations that offer a complete holiday package.

It would be best if all your items on your list can be taken care of – from travel and hotel stay to meals and activities for the whole family. This definitely beats having to make separate bookings and arrangements, and to crack your head thinking about ways to keep the kids happy and entertained during the trip.

What about a Club Med holiday?

Club Med, June holiday 2013

Enjoy the amazing views at Club Med this June holiday 2013

When it comes to stress-free holidays, the one place that has long been a favourite is Club Med. Famously known around the world for their unique ‘all-inclusive holiday’ concept, you can look forward to enjoying a comfortable stay and taking part in all the activities offered at the resort during your stay. Your travel arrangements will also be taken care of and included in your Club Med holiday package, allowing you to take control of your holiday expenses.

With all the big tasks done for you, you can sit back, relax and look forward to spending quality time with the family after you have made the bookings for your family at your chosen Club Med destination.

Book a Club Med holiday this June!

This June holidays, Club Med will be running a special School Holiday Treats programme for families at four of its beach resort locations: Bali, Bintan Island, Cherating Beach and Phuket.

With great prices on family holiday packages, here are some things that you can look forward to during your stay at Club Med.

Cosy stay options

Club Med, June holiday 2013

Enjoy a cosy stay with your family at Club Med this June holiday 2013

Be it cosy and comfortable or delightfully spacious, you’ll have a choice of room types to choose from. Be sure to request for connecting rooms to keep the family close during your stay.

All-day snacks and drinks 

Club Med’s all-day Bar & Snacking gives you access to a wide variety of drinks and snacks. Simply hop over to the open bar when you feel hungry, thirsty or just looking to munch on a yummy snack at selected timings throughout the day.

Meals for the whole family

Club Med, June holiday 2013

Dining for the whole family at Club Med this June holiday 2013

When it comes to meals for all in the family at Club Med, it’s all about choices! You’ll get to choose from a range of cuisines, from local to international, and whether to have it buffet-style or at the specialty restaurants at the resort.

There will also be different themes for buffet meals daily, as well as kid-smart offerings so that the wee ones get a balanced choice of dishes.

Fun and games for kids

Club Med, June holiday 2013

Fun activities for kids at Club Med this June holiday 2013

Kids aged 2 to 17 can expect to have a good time with a fun line-up of activities, thanks to Club Med’s Kid’s Club programme. Each programme caters to kids of different age group, such as:

–          Baby Club Med (4-23 months, at extra cost only at Phuket and Cherating Beach)

–          Petit Club Med (2-3 years, at extra cost)

–          Mini Club Med (4-10 years)

–          Juniors’ Club Med/Club Med Passworld (11-17 years)

Guided and supervised by the friendly Gracious Organisers, some of the activities to look out for include guided nature walks, dress-up parties and make-up sessions, colourful parades, as well as singing and story-telling sessions. Older kids will also get to attend unique circus workshops where they can try their hands and limbs at juggling, clowning and bungee bouncing on a trampoline (with support from an elastic harness, of course).

With so much going on during your stay at Club Med, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll hear the word ‘bored’ from the kids!

R&R for mum and dad

Club Med, June holiday 2013

Rest and relax at Club Med this June holiday 2013

Mums and dads can look forward to spending quality time alone during their stay at Club Med, away from the kids for a while. Treat yourselves to a refreshing spa session or rejuvenate your mind, body and soul with a yoga session (couples yoga, anyone?). But if you’re just looking to enjoy the peace and quiet, park yourselves at a spot at the Zen spaces around the resort to enjoy the calming sounds of the ocean waves.

It’s time to bond!

Club Med, June holiday 2013

Family bonding at Club Med – a great choice this June holiday 2013

Family getaways also give parents the rare chance to bond with the kids. One great way to do this is by taking part in an activity that both mum, dad and the little ones enjoy. At Club Med, families can go on jungle and tree-top walks together to explore the beauty of nature or book a spot on the many daily excursions and visits to various places of interest nearby. What could be more fun than to enjoy the great outdoors as a family?

Jump in and jet off!

Here’s a quick look at the details of Club Med’s School Holiday Treats programme, available at participating beach resorts. Do note that all bookings must be made by 20 June 2013, and travel by 30 June 2013.


Club Med, June holiday 2013

Club Med School Holiday Treats

Take the first steps towards a stress-free holiday by booking your family getaway this June at any of these Club Med beach resorts. Do check with your travel agent for other terms and conditions.

Call 1800 CLUB MED (258 2633) or contact your Preferred Travel Agent to book your SCHOOL HOLIDAY TREATS Premium All-Inclusive Package. Visit and for more information

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