Plan a family beach trip at one of Singapore's beaches!

Plan a family beach trip at one of Singapore's beaches!

Don't know what to do yet this March School Holidays 2013? Look through this must-read list of reminders and things to bring for a smashing great time.

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The perfect beach trip this March School Holidays 2013

Don’t know where to go yet this March school holidays 2013?

Our suggestion — an awesome family beach trip! A trip to one of Singapore’s beach is usually the perfect way for the whole family to enjoy a lovely sunny day. You can sunbathe, relax under the shade of a tree while enjoying the refreshing sea breeze, play water sports or even play ball during the family beach trip. The idea is to have as much fun as possible this March School Holidays 2013, however, in order to do this, there are certain measures you can take to ensure fun and laughter is the only order of the day.

Take note of the following when planning a family beach trip as it will certainly be to your advantage:

  • Perhaps the first thing to do would be to check if the Singapore beach you intend to visit is child-friendly. Some beaches are cordoned off to cater to adults only, i.e. nude sunbathers and boozing. You do not want to shock your little one and grandma.
  • It would also be a good idea to check if, lifeguards monitor the particular beach area. Choosing one that has such precautionary measures will allow you to relax and enjoy yourself too, instead of having to be constantly alert and on the look out.
  • Packing for a day at the beach should be done carefully. Items such as suntan and sun block are essential depending on what you desire. Other essential items would include a swimsuit, a towel for each person, a few mats to relax on, sun hats for those who may want to keep the sun off their face, a good book, wet wipes, beach balls, other game equipment or simple board games and the ever-important refreshments.
  • Some tend to pack the “whole house” when planning for a simple family beach trip. You do not want to lug around heavy bags of stuff, as this will only end up annoying you in the heat of the day, not to mention keeping the beach sand out of everything. Make up a suitable list and only pack necessities.
  • If you are going as a couple, then “by all means” go all out and bring along the “nice” stuff like pretty table cloths, which you can use to relax on and lay out the food and wine (do not forget the bottle opener). However, if you are going as a family, then stick to easy finger food styles. The last thing you want to do is clean up after your kids, when they spill their plated food. Ideal finger food choices would include baby carrots, sandwiches (but avoid mayo seasoning), sausages, crackers, curry puffs and pastries, fruits, burgers, cool drinks and lots of water. Your kids will be hot and thirsty so besides cool drinks, water is also important to keep them hydrated.
  • Do not forget to pack garbage disposal bags for your family beach trip, clean up. There is nothing worse than having to lug all the throw aways back home, especially if they are now covered in sand.
Here are some suggested Singapore beaches for your family beach trip:
  1. Palawan Beach
  2. Siloso Beach
  3. Tanjong Beach
  4. East Coast Park Beach
  5. Changi Beach
  6. Pasir Ris Beach

At the end of the day, what is the real purpose of the March School Holidays 2013? You should ideally have had a wonderful time of sharing, fun and bonding. Even for those of you who do not really enjoy all the sand and sea water, following the few simple guidelines given above, will help you have a reasonably good time with the family during the holiday.

Do you have any ideas for other parents this March School Holiday?

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