The 6 Pictures of Children You Should Not Post on Social Media

The 6 Pictures of Children You Should Not Post on Social Media

It's all to do with safety and privacy...

We are so proud of our kids and the sweet things they do, and social media makes it so much easier to show the whole world just how wonderful and beautiful our little ones are.

But while it’s true that your little one looks totally adorable in that new dress, or frolicking on the beach in Bali in her little polka dotted two-piece swimsuit, it’s best to keep certain moments, and pictures private.

By doing this, you’re sparing your child of potential future embarrassment should she find out you posted ‘that’ photo of her in the bathtub on Facebook.

But more importantly, you’re protecting her from the very real and very frightening danger of online predators.

To give you some context, a horrifying 2012 report by WND’s Chelsea Schilling revealed a group of Facebook users who promoted and shared child pornography using their own Facebook accounts and other Facebook groups.

In 2020, this same danger is still very real.

So take note mums and dads. Here are 6 types of pictures of children* you should not be posting on social media.

*Please note that the images used in this gallery are from a subscription-based image bank, and are used to highlight each point raised in the gallery. This means the childrens’ parents have approved the use of these images by those who have subscribed to this image bank.

**Images in this gallery were updated on 02/03/2020 in keeping with highlighting the key message of this article and after taking our readers’ comments into consideration.

1. Other people’s children

pictures of kids not to post on social media

Photo: iStock

Before you post and tag those lovely pictures of your child’s birthday party or school outing on Facebook, be sure to check with the parents of other kids who might be in the photos if they are okay with this.

While you might be fine with posting your own kids’ pictures, other parents may not be so comfortable with images of their own kids being shared. So asking for their permission prior to doing this revolves around common sense and courtesy.

2. Where your children go to school

The 6 Pictures of Children You Should Not Post on Social Media

Photo: iStock

Yes, we entrust our kids to the safety of their school/preschool every day. But remember that during school time, you are not physically present to keep a watchful eye on your little one.

While kidnapping from schools is rare, it does happen. So, avoid sharing pictures of your kids at their school or in their uniform. If you must, ensure that no identifying features are visible, and the location of the school is hidden.

3. Bath-time/shower-time

pictures of kids not to post on social media

Photo: iStock

Bath-time involves nudity or semi-nudity of your child.

And while in your eyes that picture of your chubby toddler splashing in the water is totally cute and extremely innocent, just remember that an online predator or Paedophile will not think the same.

4. Any photo your kid probably won’t like going public

mean mum

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Yes they are our children, but they are also entitled to their privacy both as young tots, and when they are older.

So, the next time you contemplate sharing that picture of your toddler who has just started to use the potty, or was caught red-handed doing something mischievous – think again. Would your child ‘like’ such a picture? Probably not.

Plus, ‘child-shaming’ pictures can have both short and long term consequences on kids. Shaming in this way breaches parent-child trust and may cause anxiety and depression later in life.

5. Seemingly ‘unsafe’ photos of you and your kids

pictures of kids not to post on social media

Photo: iStock

The online community has its fair share of both lovers and haters, especially so when it comes to all things related to parenting.

So, to spare yourself of judgement from others, think twice before posting that picture of you in the car with your little one on your lap holding the steering wheel, or that snap of your baby up in the air before you catch him.

Others don’t know the immediate circumstances surrounding a picture and will be hasty to comment and judge, leaving you feeling like a terrible parent.

6. Holiday locations

pictures of kids not to post on social media

Photo: iStock

We’re all guilty of this one (myself included). But by posting snaps of your family holiday and also revealing the location of your vacation, you’re exposing your family to danger.

Firstly, unscrupulous people back in your own country will know you are away and may use this knowledge to break in to your home during your absence. Secondly, online predators in your holiday destination may pick up on this information, which places your child in a dangerous situation.

While this does sound extreme, it’s still better to be safe than sorry, right parents?

Can you think of any other type of photo of children that parents should avoid sharing on social media platforms? Let us know in a comment below.

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