1 in 2 Singaporean kids are picky eaters

1 in 2 Singaporean kids are picky eaters

Most Singaporean parents claim that their kids are picky when it comes to food. But how do we classify kids as picky eaters, and what can we, as parents, do to help them take a healthier liking towards food? Read on for some great tips on picking eating.

In 2011, the National University Hospital (NUH) Department of Paediatrics and Abbott Nutrition conducted a survey with 407 Singaporean parents to determine the key aspects of picky eating and feeding difficulties among children aged 1 to 10 years. The results of the survey revealed that nearly half of the respondents consider their children to be picky eaters.  This is the first time that such study on picky eating is conducted in Asia, and the paper was published in the Asia Pacific Family Medicine journal.

Let’s see what our child nutrition experts have to say about picky eating among children in Singapore, and some simple steps that parents can take to ensure that their kids get all the nutrition that they need at meal times.

picky eating

1 in 2 Singaporean kids are picky eaters

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Sandra Ong

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