Picking the perfect allergy-friendly flowers for the delivery room

Picking the perfect allergy-friendly flowers for the delivery room

Flowers may be lovely, but may trigger allergic reaction. Here are allergy-free flowers that are safe to give to a brand-new mama.

Flowers may be lovely and delicate, but they can also trigger allergic reactions in certain people. Flowers with strong aroma and produce a lot of pollens are usually the ones that can cause allergies.

During pollination, pollens from male flowers travel through the air to hopefully land and pollinate a female flower. However, they become irritants when these particles are inhaled causing itching, sneezing, and inflammation.

Newborns are especially susceptible to the sniffles. The best baby gift we can give is a hypoallergenic safe zone to welcome them into the world.

While pollens can easily be removed and you can even ask your local florist to remove them for you before delivering the blooms, but it’s better to be safe by choosing pollen-free and allergic-friendly flowers for you baby. To help you with your selection, here are low-pollen and allergy-friendly flowers ideal for the delivery room.


Several varieties of the lily family are pollen-free. Asiatic lilies come in a range of vibrant colors – pinks, reds, and oranges – perfect for your baby’s delivery room without the sneeze fest. However, avoid the oriental variety, like Stargazer lilies, as their strong aroma can cause sensitivities in, some people. Consult with the florist for pollen-free species of lilies as horticulturists usually cultivate these kinds of breeds for allergic-prone clients.


Orchids are dainty and lovely flowers to offer to newly-born babies and mothers alike. Only a few species of orchids cause pollen allergies, so this is a safe choice. Consult your florist for the proper selection and arrangement of blooms so any parts that can cause rashes can be snipped off before transporting the bouquet.

allergy-free flowers


The powder blue, purple, pink, white blooms of the hydrangea plant complement the magical moment of childbirth quite well. Apart from the charming colors of the flowers, they are also very allergy-friendly.

allergy-free flowers


Newborns really are a ray of sunshine, hence the striking yellow buds of daffodils encapsulates their bright and warm feelings associated with childbirth. The dark yellow center fading into paleness through the tips of its petals represent the right emotions for the occasion.

allergy-free flowers


This strong and resilient plant boast of colorful blossoms, including pink, blue, and magenta. Usually presented in pots, geranium’s brightly-colored flowers contrast well with its green foliage. These blooms can brighten up the delivery room without pesky airborne pollens spreading irritants to the babies.

So, the next time you pick flowers to put around the house to welcome your newborn, remember what each flower represents and how they can affect your child.

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Nasreen Majid

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