Piano Classes in Singapore: Private Tutor Vs School. Which is Better?

Piano Classes in Singapore: Private Tutor Vs School. Which is Better?

What is the best option for piano classes in Singapore? Should you go with a private tutor or a music school? Both these options have their advantages. We help you through the selection process by presenting you with the advantages of both options. So keep reading to find out more.

Is your little one a piano prodigy waiting to be discovered? To bring out the best in your child, you’ll have to pick the right teacher who will not only nurture this his talent but also teach him the essential piano-playing skills — while making the whole process enjoyable.

Piano Classes in Singapore: Private Tutor Vs School. Which is Better?

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However, you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed with the options for piano classes in Singapore. We want to give you all the information you need to make the best choice between a piano school and private teacher.

Assess your child’s requirement

Piano Classes in Singapore: Private Tutor Vs School. Which is Better?

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Before you embark on the task of finding a piano teacher, it is good to know what your requirement is. This will help you achieve a great fit between student and teacher. Find your child’s ‘category’ by answering these questions:

a)      Does your child need a creative outlet away from structured school work?

b)      Do you feel your child has a marvellous talent that needs cultivating?

c)       Has your child excelled in music classes in school and you want to further this?

d)      Consider your child’s age. If your child is 2-4 years old and you would like her to develop a love for music, the approach a teacher will have to take to engage the child has to be different to that of teaching an older child.

e)      Consider your child’s need. Does he want to learn pop or jazz style or classical music, complete with examinations and performances?

Whatever your child’s requirement or level of musical experience is, there is sure to be a suitable teacher out there!

Advantages of the music school option

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  • Music schools offer a wide variety of fun and interesting courses to choose from.
  • They have custom-made programs for various ages.
  • If you feel your child will have more fun in a group, they also provide group classes.
  • If your child’s piano teacher is sick or has to travel, the music school will arrange for another teacher to take their place.
  • Some music schools have classes for kids as small as 2 years old. Parents, too, can join in the fun at these classes.
  • Music schools will have specially designed rooms complete with great acoustics.

If your child falls into the (a), (d), and (e) categories previously (under “Assess your child’s requirement”), then you could consider a music school. Here are links to some popular music schools to help you make your selection:

Another great school that has been around for a while is Cristofori. If your child loves to learn pop music, Hark Music is also a great option.

Advantages of the private teacher option

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  • Your child will receive individual attention for almost the same price as a music school.
  • You can select a date and location that suits you.
  • Your child can learn at their own pace.
  • If your child falls ill, you can reschedule the class and not miss out.
  • Your child gets to build a great relationship with her teacher, and the teacher will be able to assess your child’s personality and custom-design her class to her style and personality.
  • If your child is a prodigy in the making, they will definitely benefit from one-on-one attention.

If your child falls under categories (b), (c) and (f), then a private tutor may be more suitable. A great option when choosing a teacher is to go with recommendations. Here are some links to help you find private piano teachers:

Piano Lessons Singapore, Private piano teacher.com, Piano lessons

We hope you’ve found this information helpful! If your child attends piano classes, please let us know if you chose a school or private tutor by answering our poll.

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