Philips Deluxe Collection Multicooker review: Fuss-Free cooking for busy parents

Philips Deluxe Collection Multicooker review: Fuss-Free cooking for busy parents

We tried out the new Philips Deluxe Collection Multicooker (HD2145/62). Here is why we think it's great for busy parents!

To be very honest, I’m not a great cook or domestic goddess. So when I first got to know that I had to do the Philips multi cooker review, I was terrified. You see, using new appliances and making culinary magic has never been my thing.

Which is why, I was relieved to find the new Philips Deluxe Collection Multicooker (HD2145/62) super easy to use. There is no assembly required. You just plug the appliance in, and it’s ready to be used.

You can use this all-in-one kitchen aid to pressure cook, slow cook, steam, saute/sear and even to bake!

The appliance comes with a non-stick inner pot, measuring cup, recipe booklet, scoop, and steaming tray/basket.

Philips multi cooker review

All you need to do is to add in your ingredients, and choose the mode of cooking (Saute, slow cook, bake, pressure cook etc), and set the timing.

Pressure cooking made easy

When it comes to pressure cooking, you can adjust not just the cooking time, but also the cooking pressure, so you can have your food cooked to the tenderness you want! You can also add your ingredients midway into the pressure cooking process.

There are various pressure cooking modes depending on what you want to cook - Risotto/rice, beef/lamb, poultry etc. Also, pressure is released automatically, making the appliance a lot safer and easier to use.

The touchscreen display was also easy to use and understand. It showed what stage of cooking was happening, when the pressure had been released and when it was safe for the lid to be opened.

You can slow cook, saute and bake too!

Oh, and the Philips Deluxe Multicooker with its capacity of 6 litres is ideal for cooking large portions.

Also, when the cooking time is up, the multi-cooker automatically switched to keep warm mode, making sure the food stayed warm.

There is a unique sauce thickening feature too. Simply press the 'Sauce thickening button', to reduce your sauce and soup to the thickness you desire.

If you want to saute the ingredients before cooking them, do make sure to leave the lid open.

Philips multi cooker review

The Philips Deluxe Multicooker comes with a handy recipe book too. I tried baking a dark chocolate fudge cake, and it turned out really yummy. While the outside seemed a little dry, the inside was moist and delish.

I also tried slow cooking a basic chicken curry, and was very impressed with the results. It was no fuss, and the chicken turned out to be super soft and tender.

Philips multi cooker review

The non-stick inner pot was really easy to clean too.

I really feel that the Philips Deluxe Multicooker is great for working or busy parents. You can just throw in all the ingredients, choose the cooking mode, set the timer and walk away, and wait for the beep. Come back to perfectly cooked, warm food.

If you are interested in buying, the Philips Deluxe Multicooker is currently retailing at SGD 369, and is available at Philips, Courts, Lazada etc. 

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