Phase 2B of Primary 1 Registration Exercise

Phase 2B of Primary 1 Registration Exercise

If you're a parent of a Primary One student, you would want to find out more on Phase 2B of the Primary One Registration Exercise.

phase 2B

Phase 2B of Primary 1 Registration

What is Phase 2B?

Primary One Registration for primary schools in Singapore consists of three phases. Phase 2B commenced on Monday, 22nd July. This phase gives priority to children with three different types of attributes, according to the Ministry of Education, Singapore. Phase 2B(A) gives priority to children whose parents have volunteered in schools no later than 1st July 2012, and has volunteered at least 40 hours by the end of June 2013. This phase considers children whose parents are either endorsed by a church, or clan which is affiliated with the primary school they would like to register their child in. Phase 2B(C) gives priority to children whose parents are endorsed as active community leaders. If you fulfill any of these criteria, you will have an advantage when registering your child for Primary One. The results for this phase of registration will be released this Friday, 26th July.

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Phase 2B

Who is eligible to register during Phase 2B…

What comes next?

After Phase 2B, comes Phase 2C. Phase 2C Registration opens on 30th July, and it is targeted at children who are eligible to enter Primary One but are not registered in any primary school as of yet. This is followed by Phase 2C Supplementary, which is strictly for children who were unable to successfully register their child for Phase 2C. The final stage is Phase 3, which is reserved for children who are not Singapore citizens or permanent residents.

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Phase 2B

Once Phase 2B is over, what’s the next stage?

Volunteering to learn more about primary schools

Channel News Asia reports news of a parent volunteer who wished to enroll her son in Concord Primary due to its proximity to their home. She chose to volunteer at Concord Primary because she does not think it’s necessary for her child to study in a “brand name” primary school, and she wishes for her son to receive a wholesome education which she believes Concord Primary can provide. She gathered information about the students, teachers and the primary school in general before making her decision.

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If you have registered your child for Phase 2B of the registration exercise, you might be worrying about the results. But one can’t worry too much about the exercise. In the meantime, watch this video if you would like to find out more information on Phase 2B of the Primary One Registration exercise:

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