Perfect Protection for your iPhone

Perfect Protection for your iPhone

The LifeProof® family of rugged, designer protective covers ensures the safety of your iPhone from the elements — while offering full enhanced functionality and peace of mind.


Perfect Protection for your iPhone


Kids are so tech savvy these days, it’s no surprise they are constantly hogging your brand new iPhone 4S — playing games or enjoying multimedia entertainment. Kids being kids, you should be aware that the pristine condition of any unprotected phone might not last.What if they repeatedly drop your smart phone, spill some water or just throw it around for a laugh?

That’s why you need protection for your iPhone. Pronto.

 Perfect Protection for your iPhone

And not just in the home. Think about a family outing in the great outdoors, like say, the beach. Sea, sun and sand: The perfect hangout for your family. But perhaps, not for your iPhone.Your family — especially the kids — may love a day at the beach, but what if Junior accidentally drops your iPhone while shooting a photo of the surging waves?

You may not think much about equipping your iPhone, smartphone or Tablet with the best protection possible from environmental damage. Until of course, your kids drop the device and let it frolic among the waves while the family is at the beach.Think about losing not just your brand new smart phone, but also the custom contacts and your collection of useful apps due to an accidental drop.

With LifeProof®, you can rest assured that your phone will survive the great outdoors. Take your iPhone out mountain biking on muddy tracks or go running in the rain — or even take it with you in a triathlon race for the sheer fun of it.

Perfect Protection for your iPhone


Worry-Free Holiday Adventures

Perfect Protection for your iPhone A LifeProof® case can even turn your iPhone into an underwater camera for both stills and videos, so right off the bat you are given a new functionality  — without the need to fork out more for an underwater camera.

So yes, LifeProof® cases offer total protection from the elements. They even ensure that your family vacation at that ski resort in Hokkaido goes without a hitch even if you drop your iPhone in the snow. Relax, LifeProof® casings are designed to military specifications to protect against water, shock, dust and even ice. So a LifeProof® case equals to the best environmental protection for your iPhone.

What’s more, LifeProof® casings allow for full functionality of your device and even allow you to conveniently charge your device without the need to remove them. You now have the freedom to take your iPhone anywhere and everywhere, and use it to the fullest extent — no matter how severe the conditions. The affordable LifeProof® range of stylishly sleek and slim cases come in attractive colours that complement your devices.

With a LifeProof® case, your iPhone is proofed for life to take the hard knocks of life — even from your kids.


Proof of LifeProof®

Perfect Protection for your iPhone

LifeProof®’s unique cutting-edge design took 18 months and a budget of over one million dollars to develop. Features such as a scratch-resistent screen, waterproof acoustic vents, a tough polycarbonate frame and shock-absorbing elastomer all combine to ensure that your iPhone is:

  • Waterproof (up to two metres)
  • Dirt/Dust/Sand-proof
  • Shock-proof
  • Snow-proof

LifeProof® iPhone cases are available in Black, White, Pink and Purple.

For sports enthusiasts who want to take their gadgets to the extreme limits, the LifeProof® in Motion series of tough accessories will keep up the pace. The current LifeProof® in Motion accessories include the belt clip, bike mount, and armband — all available at selected specialties and lifestyle stores.

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List of LifeProof® Retailers:

  • EpiCentre
  • istudio
  • Infinite
  • Apple Shops at Best Denki
  • [email protected] (Parkway Parade)
  • Multimedia Integrated (Funan Digitalife Mall)
  • Tangs Orchard
  • HorNest at Big Splash
  • Selected Challenger Outlets
  • Selected SingTel Exclusive Retailers
  • Selected SingTel Hello Stores




*LifeProof® cases for iPhones are distributed exclusively in Asia by EQuest International (S) Pte Ltd.

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Felicia Chin

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