How to have a perfect family outing: The key ingredients to a good time

How to have a perfect family outing: The key ingredients to a good time

The ideal location for your next family outing may not be what you think it is—this weekend, try taking your kids somewhere they would not expect! Think airplanes, an art station, and kinetic rain, yes kinetic! More of that below.

Children make for a tough crowd. Easily bored and often incredibly finicky, nothing is ever that simple when you go out with the kids. So how can you have the perfect outing with the little ones in tow? It’s not that complicated. Actually, the “perfect” family outing is easily achievable. And it’s all in the planning.

The formula for the perfect family outing

The most crucial part of the family outing is perhaps where you choose to have it. Of course, you’d want a place that has tons of entertainment options to keep your little ones engaged. Somewhere with plenty of food choices for your kids’ picky palate—the more family-oriented restaurants with kid-friendly menus to choose from, the better. You’d also want to look for “chill-out” spots—where you and your kids can sit down and rest their tired feet after a day of running around in excitement.

How to have a perfect family outing: The key ingredients to a good time

Behold—the formula for the perfect family outing!

Racking your brain for places that fit the bill? Thinking out of the box helps. You’d be surprised about the different places that could be perfect for you and your family—like Changi Airport, for instance.

We know what you must be thinking: why on earth would you go to the airport when you aren’t flying anywhere? You might not know this yet, but Changi Airport isn’t just for those in transit—you don’t even need a boarding pass to enjoy many of its facilities.

Entertainment Options

Ideally you’d want a place that offers the basics like a playground where your kids can run around and enjoy themselves in a safe environment. But did you know that aside from the playgrounds found in Terminal 1 and Terminal 3, Changi Airport is also home to Singapore’s tallest slide and the world’s tallest slide in an airport. Perfect for little easily-bored adventure heads who are brave enough to speed down the 12-metre high slide at 6 metres per second. Do note though; that your kid has to be at least 1.3 metres tall to use the slide.

How to have a perfect family outing: The key ingredients to a good time

[email protected]; retail options at Changi Airport; the Changi Aviation Gallery

And to add to your kids’ amazing airport and lifestyle mall experience, the place also features a kinetic rain art installation. It’s basically a moving display with giant raindrops dancing in mid-air. We promise, you too would be amazed.

Plus here’s a little mommy tested boredom-busting secret—the airplane viewing gallery. Here, your curious little would-be pilots will have a chance to see airplanes take off and land. It’s the perfect time to introduce your kids to the awe-inspiring world of aviation.

Kid-friendly Food

After a tiring afternoon of speeding down a giant slide and basically running around screaming their heads off in delight, expect your kids to wolf down an entire meal in a second.

How to have a perfect family outing: The key ingredients to a good time

Enjoy family mealtime bondings at Changi Airport!

Luckily, all of Changi Airport’s terminals have plenty of restaurants that cater to kids’ choosy palates, such as Terminal 1’s Manhattan Fish Market and Saboten; Terminal 2’s Tsubohachi Izakaya Hokkaido and Fish & Co; and Terminal 3’s Pastamania and Paradise Dynasty. Some restaurants, like Swensen’s (Terminal 2) and O’ Coffee Club (Terminal 3) even have a kids-dine-free option!

When the little ones are happy and fed, you all can head on to do your favourite activity—shopping. There are loads of retail outlets for you to choose from and there’s something for all members of the family.

Changi Rewards members can even enjoy 7% GST savings on purchases from participating retail stores located in Changi Airport’s public areas; which means you get to enjoy this privilege even when you’re not flying.

“Chill-out” spots

When the day’s almost done and your kids are tired from running around exploring all the facilities, it’s nice to have a place to wind down.

How to have a perfect family outing: The key ingredients to a good time

The whole family will enjoy a little down-time at Changi Airport’s Wood Block Rubbing Stations

Terminals 1 and 3 have interactive art corners, such as the Wood Block Rubbing Stations that are open to the public. There, you and your kids can create imprints from rubbing surfaces inspired by local Singapore culture and the airport itself. It’s a relaxing activity that the whole family can enjoy!

Meanwhile,  Changi Airport’s Terminal 3 has a Reading Corner, equipped with comfortable seating and lots of books to choose from.

Airport Events

When school’s out (during school holidays) and you’re afraid to be stuck at home with a really really bored pre-schooler, you can also head on to Changi Airport for one of their exciting events.

This month for instance, visitors are given the chance to visit a nanoblock museum outside of Japan. Set-up right here inside the Changi Airport, the museum features ‘six experiential zones’ and over 200 intrinsic nanoblock designs. If your kids find anything they like from the museum, you can browse through the catalogue with up to 70 nanoblock designs that are up for sale only until May 1. Keep your ears and eyes peeled for more events coming this June.

When it comes to family outings, sticking to what’s traditional and expected is okay, but thinking out of the box allows for new experiences. Who knew you could do all these in an airport?

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Nicole Chng

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