Pat’s Schoolhouse — More than just a school

Pat’s Schoolhouse — More than just a school

Pat’s Schoolhouse’s 15th and largest centre, Aroozoo, will make you want to have kids, if you have not had any yet. It really is the perfect place for your child to grow up!

Pat's Schoolhouse

Why Pat’s Schoolhouse is more than just a school

Pat’s Schoolhouse is renowned for their excellence as a leading preschool provider in Singapore, and with 15 centres located island wide, picking the right one for your child may seem a little tricky at first. However, no matter which Pat’s centre you choose for your child, you can rest assured knowing they will have ample opportunities to explore, dance, sing, paint, play, create and most importantly, develop a lifelong love of learning.

We recently visited the latest addition to the Pat’s Family, Aroozoo, and whilst most parents choose a preschool close to where they live or work, it might be worth the effort to go the extra distance for this centre. Why so, you may ask? Let’s start with the first of many, which immediately caught my attention:


Spacious campus at Pat's Schoolhouse

Enjoy the airy space of the Pat’s Schoolhouse campus

Situated on 6,500sqm of land on a quiet and picturesque street sits the Pat’s Aroozoo centre. The first thing you will notice about this centre is the incredible amount of space. With everything from its very own car park (making pick-up and drop-off an absolute breeze), bright airy classrooms, to a mini foam track for the kids to ride their tricycles around – there is no doubt your child will have ample room to learn, grow and explore in a safe surrounding.

“The large amount of space will allow us to have many special family days, performances and cultural celebrations, which is tradition at Pat’s Schoolhouse,” says Principal Anita Yuen, who has been with Pat’s for more than 7 years.

Facilities and food

Facilities at Pat's Schoolhouse

Great facilities and nutritious food at Pat’s Schoolhouse

With the vast play area, high quality classroom equipment, and a team of loving and experienced teachers, your kids are guaranteed to love every minute they spend at Aroozoo. Each room has thick glass doors that allow the little ones to sneak a glimpse at everything that’s going on around them. The gentle flow of natural daylight into the rooms also comforts them as they ease into their daily activities. With its very own kitchen and specially trained in-house chef from Hong Kong who prepares healthy and tasty meals for the children, mealtimes are looked forward to by the children (and staff!) everyday. Variety is key when it comes to your kid’s diet, and the menus are both appropriately nutritious and appealing to children and consist of an assortment of seasonal fruits, along with milk or water.


Pat's Schoolhouse curriculum

Enriching curriculum at Pat’s Schoolhouse

The main feature of Pat’s curriculum is the emphasis on speaking and writing Mandarin, and Pat’s specially designed Bilingual Immersion Core Curriculum encourages equal emphasis on Mandarin and English. Both the language teachers are co-partners for the same class and they interact with the children in their respective languages throughout the day. This unique and progressive curriculum, woven into a creative environment, is the best formula to ensure children are ready to fly when they graduate.


“We like how they are already getting along with each other. It is only their second day here” says Anita. The kids even know her name and it definitely does not seem like they’ve known one another for merely two days. Without a tear in sight, each classroom resounds with music and lively chatter bouncing off the colourfully decorated walls. The children are comfortable, happy, confident and content with their surroundings and companions.

What comforts parents most about the Aroozoo centre is the staff. Kind, smiling and exceedingly helpful, the teachers are constantly seen engaging with the children on a one to one basis. Everyone including the District Manager, who was teaching a little one how to ride a rocking horse, puts in copious amounts of effort with the children. They are so genuine in their display of care and affection – it comes naturally to them. The results are undeniably evident when you see just how confident and happy the children are.

So, if Pat’s Schoolhouse sounds like the place you’d like to have your child spend his/her important early years in, do check out the Aroozoo centre and meet with Anita Yuen who will share more about how Pat’s can help your child develop holistically and creatively. Trust us; Aroozoo will leave both you and your child smiling from ear-to-ear at the end of each day.

Find out more

If you are interested to find out more about Pat’s Schoolhouse Aroozoo, you can reach them at +65 6781 2288 or email [email protected]m. The centre currently accepts children between the ages of 2 to 6 years old.

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Justina Goh

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