ParentTown Mid-Year Rewards: Win an Ariston AURES Smart water heater worth $199!

ParentTown Mid-Year Rewards: Win an Ariston AURES Smart water heater worth $199!

Ariston Thermo (Ariston) is the industry’s leading purveyor of heating and water heating solutions

The global company has sold 7.4 million products in over 150 countries, achieving €1.34 billion in revenue 1. A year after setting up its very own local team in Singapore, Ariston launches a whole new feature into the water heating market – Constant Temperature through its latest EIWH series.

Child-safety heater

Cases of scalding have been reported world-wide with the use of instant water heaters, as a typical instant water heater does not have the smart ability to detect and adjust water temperature or the heating power according to the water inflow temperature as well as water flow.

Existing water heater heats all water that enters the water heater, regardless of its temperature. This is especially dangerous in families with children, and when the child does not know how to control the water heater well.

The new series of Ariston EIWH have special extra safety feature thanks to the anti-scalding system 2.0, specially designed to prevent scalding. This feature uses NTC sensors to accurately detect water inlet temperature.

If the inlet temperature is above the pre-set temperature, the water heater will not heat the water flowing in, and it will warn the user through a blinking triangle icon on the heater.

In addition, Ariston also prides itself on the Total Safety System (TSS) – guaranteed by Ariston products all over the world. The water heaters has been certified by the most safety organizations in the world, with the world’s strictest quality and safety standards such as International Electro-technical Commission (IEC) and Singapore Standards (SS).

No need for readjusting water temperature when showering!

Users of electric instant water heaters will be able to relate to this – repeatedly adjusting the temperature knob on their heaters just to get the best temperature at every shower. How tiring that must be. The new Ariston EIWH models are equipped with flow sensor (or flow switch), a series of Negative Temperature Coefficient (NTC) sensors and TRIAC.

These sensors allow the heater to measure the temperature and flow of the water entering the water heater, and with TRIAC, the heater is able to adjust the power of the heating. With this, users of the Ariston EIWH can enjoy superior and consistent shower experience by pre-setting their desired water temperature.

Energy and water efficiency

Traditional instant water heater models in the market produce water at varying temperatures. Consumers have to repeatedly readjust water temperature at every shower, resulting in waste of water and energy at the same time. With the Constant Temperature technology, water can be produced at the exact temperature required, assuring comfort, water, and energy efficiency.

Italian-designed aesthetics to complement every bathroom

All Ariston products are completely designed in Italy by UP DESIGN, which is a famous and established Italian design firm that is well recognized in several industries from appliances to automotive.

With premium display and soft-touch buttons, this new series of Ariston EIWH are intuitive and aesthetically stunning. The curved edges evoke a sense of familial trust. More than just a water-heating product, Ariston electric water heater series have been termed as “water furniture”, and are accessories that can complement modern, beautifully designed bathrooms.

Stand a chance to win an Ariston AURES Smart water heater worth $199!

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Written by

Mizah Salik

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