Why do well-meaning parents raise spoilt kids?

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Find out if you’re actually raising a spoilt child — even if you have the best intentions — with these insights from relationship expert Hellen Chen.

spoilt kids, hellen chen

“Why so sullen?”
Relationship expert Hellen Chen shares her insights on what causes parents to raise a spoilt child — despite their best intentions.

Megan C is a mother of 3 daughters and she has always wanted to give her children the very best.

She and her husband have a modest family background and both of them work hard to provide for the education of their 3 daughters.

“I have thought that I am actually loving my children by giving them what they want. Other than schooling, I ask very little of them,” said Megan.

spoilt kids, hellen chen

Megan sensed something wrong with the relationship with her daughters, and decided to seek help from relationship expert Hellen Chen.

Megan found something extremely wrong after a while when her relationship with her daughters became rough. She would come home and see her kids sitting in front of the television, and when she’d ask them to stop watching TV, she would get swear words thrown back at her.

Whatever she tried to say to her children, she would get the most disrespectful behavior — to the degree that she felt like her kids were treating her like a lowly servant.

“They are not horrible children. But I do not know what went wrong,” Megan said.

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