Parents choose prayer over treatment leading to sick son’s death

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A family wilfully ignored the symptoms and signs of their sick child, diagnosed him on his own and tried to cure him by 'praying' because they had an issue with going to a doctor.

In a sad turn of events, a seven-year-old boy lost his life because his parents thought that prayers would heal him, instead of taking him to a hospital.

As the story goes, Seth was suffering from acute pancreatitis, a condition that needs immediate treatment. Instead, his adoptive parents, Timothy and Sarah Johnson from Minnesota, USA, diagnosed him with Post traumatic stress disorder and decided to treat him themselves. According to their statement, they had an issue with taking Seth to the doctor as he would then be medicated. They ignored the symptoms till it was too late. When they finally called an ambulance, the paramedics found Seth in a pool of vomit and his father trying to perform a CPR on him. He was declared dead then.

According to the complaint filed by the state of Minnesota, Seth was a foster child who was later adopted by the family. He was thriving when he was adopted. However, when the paramedics found him, he was small for his age, apparently starved and probably neglected. He had bruises over his legs and back. In the complaint, the father has been accused of wilfully depriving the child with food, clothing, and shelter, and that it may have harmed the child physically, mentally, and emotionally.

As told to the authorities, Seth had started acting differently a week prior to his death. He would not sleep, would shake, and would end up harming himself. He developed blisters on his legs and dependant ulcers on his feet. And yet, the family did not seek medical attention. Instead, they went to attend a wedding over a weekend, leaving Seth in the company of his 16-year-old elder brother.neglect

The elder son called them, stating that Seth would not talk or eat. They decided to head back, but cancelled after coming to know that he had eaten some cereal. When they came back, he was found on the floor, barely responsive. Instead of calling the doctor, they decided to ‘pray’ for his recovery, made him sit at the dinner table and put a few pieces of pizza in his mouth. He slept alone that night.

They woke up to a noise, only to find Seth covered in vomit and not responding to anything. They called the ambulance while the father tried to resuscitate him. A boy lost his life due to lack of prompt medical attention.
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