10 Parenting lessons you can learn from watching Game of Thrones

10 Parenting lessons you can learn from watching Game of Thrones

Who could have known that you can learn a lot of things about parenting while watching Game of Thrones? Guess you learn something new everyday.

At first glance, Game of Thrones might seem like it doesn't offer much in the way of parental advice. In fact, some would even say that the parents in the show are mostly horrible people. While that may be true, you can still get some important parenting advice if you watch the show enough times. Anyway, here are 10 parenting lessons you can learn from watching Game of Thrones:

1. A little me time never hurt anyone

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Taking care of your family can be a tall order, and if you don't relax and de-stress once in a while, you're going to have a harder time taking care of your family. Just make sure not to overdo it okay?

2. Having a baby will make you feel like the night is dark and full of terrors

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Having a baby is pretty scary. You'll want to make sure to always keep your little bundle of joy safe and secure as possible, and it's totally fine to freak out and get scared of little things. Better safe than sorry right?

3. Kids can drive you absolutely crazy

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Kids can really test your patience sometimes. The key is to find an outlet where you can just let go, and after that you can center yourself so you can get back to taking care of your kids.

4. Mums are invincible

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Mums take care of the kids, handle all the house stuff, take care of their husband, and then some even find time to work. Mums are just amazing.

5. You can always use a little help

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Whether it be from your friends, your parents, your grandparents, or even just finding a babysitter, there's totally nothing wrong with asking for help if you're getting too stressed out. Being a parent really is hard work!

6. Remember to teach your kids to be good people

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You don't want them to end up like Joffrey right?

7. Even the sweetest kids can throw the scariest tantrums

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Yeah, your little bundles of joy can sometimes become terrifying little beasts. Better be prepared.

8. Your kids can sometimes embarrass you in public

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Especially when they throw tantrums, or make a mess. But you still love them nonetheless. Though, it still doesn't make it any less embarrassing.

9. You'll always love your kids no matter what

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No matter how terrible your kids may be, you'll always love them no matter what. That's just how it is. Just do your best not to make them terrible human beings.

10. You'll do anything for your kids

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Yup, you will sacrifice anything and everything just to make sure that your kids are always protected and happy, even at your own expense. That's really what being a parent is all about; unconditional love for your family.

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Alwyn Batara

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