How long should my baby's daytime naps be?

How long should my baby's daytime naps be?

What should I do if I want to let my kid (7 months) sleep longer during daytime naps? How long should daytime naps be?

How long should babies nap?

Learn all about your baby's naps

Dad needs help: How to let my kid (7 months) sleep longer during daytime naps? At moment, naps are about half an hour.


Vincent Lee 李侥龍:
I think that should be good. If you want longer, place his/her favourite soft toy with him/her during naptime.

Carol Tan:
 Mine, too… the most 1 hour… i m just wondering whether is it enough for a 7mths old plus boy

Nanthini Kanaswaran Yeary:
most of the time, my kids take long naps when they are tired and eat a good meal. if not, they jst take abt 30 mins to 45 mins nap. which is good coz then they sleep tru the nite.

Jesslyn Yaty:
It depends coz every baby is different…..some can nap longer during d days some nap shorter….for mine, she nap at d most 30 mins during d day but sleep throughout d nite….

Vincent Yeo:
wat abt the environment? Too cold? Too warm? Bed too hard or too soft and stuff like that.

Denise Sim:
Let them nap after a full tummy?

Sweta Agarwal:
My son who is now 51/2 mths just naps for 15 mins-30 mins twice since he was 3 mths old , even at night he sleeps at 11pm and wakes up at 7-8 am. But otherwise he is doing fine so dont worry.( he wakes up at 1 am , 4 am and 6 am for feeds too)

Cheong Huey Ling:
My kids sleeps in the “traditional sarong swing” after their first month and they can nap for 2-4 hours. Take note not to provide swing at night so tat they can get used to flat surface.

Lk Fft:
Try to read this book “The New Contended Little Baby Book” by Gina Ford. It’s my childcare bible!! I used it to set sleeping and feeding routine for my son and it worked!

Michelle Sim:
If baby is sleeping on a bed, try letting him or her hug onto a soft pillow/soft toy, then let baby sleep on his or her side.

Dawn Low:
 Drink milk before they nap…

Christine Lee:
I think you should establish the routine when baby is younger, says around 2 months old. You can still do that with your 7 months old baby but it will be more challenging. You need to be really consistent with that. Baby likes to know what to expect next. We did that with our son since young and he’s 13 months now and has two daytime naps. An hour in the morning & 1 1/2 to 2 hours afternoon nap and sleep through the night. For a 7 months old, they need average 13-14 hours of sleep daily.

Sandy Tng Wee Ling:
Yes, agree with Christine… a routine is good, not too late for a 7mth old 🙂 My son naps 3 times… morning, afternoon and evening and sleeps thru’out the night. Abt 1 to 1.5 hrs each time. (shorter for the evening one). He sleeps every 3 hours interval and feed on every 4th hour. He’s 8.5 mths now. He used to nap a max of 30 mins when he was younger.


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