Help! How Do I Improve My Child's Appetite?

Help! How Do I Improve My Child's Appetite?

What can parents do when their child refuses to eat? Find out what to do to improve your child's appetite.


Mum needs help: My daughter is 19months now, but she totally refuse to eat... milk only... the most i worry is her weight now only 7.6kg... She needs a heart surgery on 2yrs 4mths by at least 10kg due she has cognetial heart problem(Tetralogy of fallots)... Pls help me!!


Siau Sang Lim:
Maybe u can let her try Chinese yam. My mother used to steam it and feed my baby gal last time as she was eating too little when she is 6mths old. Now my baby's appetite is getting better. U can get it from the vege stall in wet market~~
Chinese name is 淮山~~
Hope it helps。。。

Tracey Goh:
Dun worry mummy I dun haf a solution but I wish u n ur daughter health n wellness

Joanne Khoh:
i give my kid an avocado a week. but pls check wif yr paed first. hope that yr daughter will get well soon. cheers.

Ivy Tay 郑美萍:
Try 四神汤。 My 20mth old boy love it. My MIL told me it will increase appetite. I had been giving it to my boy once every week

Christine Clark Geerts:
How heartbreaking and scary that must be! I would try anything drinkable with extra calories then or maybe mixing something in her milk, like baby cereal, if she will drink that.

Nad Px:
is your daughter premature? does she have regular appointments with her doctor at the hospital? if so, the doctor may recommend that you see a dietician.

Joan Chua:
My premature girl also has weight problem, so I replace her milk with 'PediaSure' which has more fats content & vitamins than normal milk. My girl is taking 3 feeds/day. If yr girl doesn't eat, maybe can gv her 4 feeds/day. Take care!

Shahidah Banu:
please see a dietician

Doc Dana E Srither:
Yes, I agree that Pediasure has more calories for her. Her heart condition might cause her to be breatheless when feeding. Trying giving very small amts of soft diet each spoonful. Start with a small bowl. It may take a long while, but if she takes it in, then encourage her.

Dawn Low:
cheese is good...

Serene Ang:
Maybe u can try out on Chinese physician. A regular massage can help improve appetite! Take care!

Fiona Rebecca Biggs:
Try Annabelle Karmel's recipes. My daughter loves em all. I never introduced her to porridge but started her on tasty food at 6months. She has since remained a big eater. Here's a link to some recipes u can try. Hope it helps . Love & Prays with u n ur lil one xoxoxo

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