How this parent used technology to help her find house movers

How this parent used technology to help her find house movers

A parent used technology to quickly find house movers to choose from when her family had to move. Read about her experience here.

Packing up and moving to another home was an experience that my husband and I tried putting off for awhile in our rented condominium of four years. Having lived with our three year old son and five year old daughter in our cosy little nest, we loved everything about the current neighbourhood that we had become so comfortable with over the years, the convenience, the people, and the fact that my daughter’s pre-school was an easy 10-minute walk from our place.

So when our landlord came over one day with the heart-shattering news that he decided to sell our place and move out of the country for good, my dreaded fear became a reality. We were given a two-month notice to vacate our current place, which was painful to hear because that meant that we were short on time to find a new place and organise the entire move. But our landlord had already found a buyer who insisted on moving in after two months so negotiating was out of the question. Within the next week, my husband and I started surveying around our neighbourhood for a new home.

We finally settled on a three-bedroom flat in another neighbourhood that was a 30-minute drive from our current place. This means that not only had the long arduous process of packing up our things and hauling them to another place officially begin, but we had to deal with moving two young kids to a completely new environment. As a mom, feeling overwhelmed was an understatement. To add to the stress, my husband who was incredibly busy with work at that time was counting on me to take the lead on organising the move.

Since we already found a place to move to, the next thing on my list was to find a reliable mover to help us transport our belongings to our new home. Expecting this to be the priciest part of our move, I was a little worried when contacting movers. Instead of contacting several movers individually and then waiting for them to send quotes, I found a nifty little solution online.


Finding house movers at the tip of my fingers

I came across ServisHero and was able to submit a request for moving services. Within a few hours I received four quotes, all within my budget and with two of them even offering to help with packing! I couldn’t begin to describe the immense relief I felt from being able to hand over packing duties to someone else.

This meant more time to spend helping my kids cope with the move and less time dealing with boxes and bubble wrap. During the weeks leading up to the move, I began sorting items and putting them aside for the movers to pack up. I even enlisted the help of my daughter to help with the sorting, especially when it came to her things. Not only did it give her a sense of responsibility, but it stirred up a little excitement in her about the move.

A few days before we settled into our new home, I used ServisHero again to hire a cleaner to wash and clean-up the home we were moving into. This made it really convenient for me as I didn’t have to deal with cleaning our new home with two kids in tow. In retrospect, the whole experience of moving wasn’t as stressful as I expected it to be. With the help of a reliable moving service and a wonderful cleaner who went above and beyond cleaning our new home, organising the move became a little more bearable.

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