5 best sex positions for after a C-section and 5 to avoid

5 best sex positions for after a C-section and 5 to avoid

These positions will give you only pleasure and no pain...

The thought of sex after birth for most women is daunting, and perhaps the last thing on their minds. Regardless of method of delivery, there are many issues to tackle: body image, physical exhaustion, leaking breasts and sheer lack of libido. However, c-section mums have something else to worry about: pain during sex after c-section. 

After all, they’ve gone through major surgery, right? But at some point of course, sex will resume and when it does, you should know what the best pain-free sex positions are for c-section mums, as well as those you should avoid. And we’ve got you covered! 

How long should you wait before sex after a c-section? 

While it’s best to always check with your doctor about the best time to resume sex after a c-section, six weeks is the generally accepted time frame. 

A 2013 study of over 1,500 women found that 53 percent of them had attempted to resume sex with their partners after six weeks. Having said this, every woman is different and their post- c-section recovery time will also differ. 

However, when you are ready, the following positions are best to ease back into your sex life without pain. 

pain during sex after c-section

How to minimise pain during sex after c-section? With the correct positions!

The best positions for no pain during sex after c-section

*A note to husbands: Be gentle with your wife! Remember, as excited as you probably are by your stunning, sexy partner, her core and tummy area are still very tender. You should avoid putting your weight on her or flipping her over on her tummy at any point. 

1. X marks the spot

In this position, the woman lies on her back and and crosses her legs up in the air. The man then has to get up before penetrating her where the “X marks the spot”. Sex-perts suggest that the lying partner should be on an elevated base that is higher than a regular bed. 

 Crossing the legs like this leaves little space to penetrate making the area tighter and more pleasurable. Plus, your husband’s body weight is nowhere near your tender stomach and core area. 

2. Sit up and look at me

Any kind of husband-on-top position should be avoided at least until your scar heals well. But if you miss that eye-to-eye contact these positions give, then having sex while sitting is a good alternative. He will still be close to your torso, but not pressing down hard, making it a great position for no pain during sex after c-section. 

3. Spooning

This is probably the best and most gentle position to ease back into sex after your c-section. Here, you nestle into your husband and he enters you from behind. There’s absolutely no pressure on your core or tummy. It’s beautifully intimate and your husband’s hand are also free to roam where they will. 

4. Reverse cowgirl

Mums, you are totally in control in this position where you ride your man, but just backwards. You set the rules for speed and depth of penetration, making this position perfect for easing back to sex after your c-section. 

5. Standing doggy

The traditional doggy style can be a bit tough on a c-section mum’s tender scar and core area. But in this one, you stand near your bed or a piece of furniture and hold on to it, while your partner enters from behind. You can tell him to slow down if he gets too carried away, risking pushing your stomach area onto the item you’re holding on to. 

pain during sex after C-section

Avoid sex positions where there’s any pressure at all on your stomach area

5 Sex positions to avoid after a c-section

Some positions might cause pain during sex after a c-section, so avoid these until your scar is completely healed. 

1. Missionary 

The traditional man-on-top position should be avoided as there’s way too much pressure on your stomach, c-section scar and core area. 

2. Cowgirl

Unlike the reverse cowgirl where mums have more control, the tradition cowgirl position has your pelvis grinding down stronger and harder, putting pressure on your stomach area. Best avoided until you are well healed. 

3. Standing up sex

Again, there’s too much pressure on your torso and tummy area in this position. Turn around instead and try the standing doggy position described above! 

4. Doggy style

The traditional doggy position puts way too much pressure on your core and pelvic area. Give it a miss for some time. 

5. Tight squeeze (on your tummy)

Try this one only when your scar is fully healed! While it gives your hubby a “tight squeeze”, due to you lying down on your tummy with your legs tightly held together, there’s far too much pressure on your stomach area. 

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