Mums, Here's a New App that helps you Find the Right Person for the Job - and Fast!

Mums, Here's a New App that helps you Find the Right Person for the Job - and Fast!

Hire, consult and pay for your home and lifestyle servicing needs all in one app.

Life as a mum is as busy as that of a bee, perhaps even more.

Not only do you have to take care of the kids, you also have to manage a home and make sure the family is taken care of.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a working mum or a stay-at home mum, there will always be times when you wish that there were two you, or at least you had another pair of hands so that you could get everything checked off your to-do list at least once.

We bet there are times that between juggling all your various responsibilities, you don't even get a chance to find a good electrician, plumber, a fitness trainer, party entertainer or even just someone to clean your car.

page advisor app

But mums, there is help at hand. A newly launched on-demand services app -- Page Advisor could probably assist in meeting the needs of the home services that you need.

Home and lifestyle services at the tap of a button

Joining many startup apps in Singapore is Page Advisor. With more than 1400 merchants under its umbrella, this auction app has over 100 categories of home and lifestyle services for you to choose from.

However, don’t think of it as eBay or Amazon, where you can have to bid for the item you want, and the merchant goes with the highest bidder.

What makes Page Advisor different is that instead of the merchant picking the highest bidder, you are the one who gets to pick the merchant based on your own preference -- whether it's a pet-grooming service or aircon servicing professional.

As a consumer, you simply choose a suitable category that your job request belongs to, state the specifics of the service you are looking for and the price range you are willing to pay.

The relevant merchants will be notified of the job offer via the app and a text message. They then quote their prices, visible only to you. Once you agree on a job, numbers are exchanged between you and the service provider.

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You safety is paramount

One of the more notable convenience of Page Advisor is that customers are advised to verify the identity of the merchant through their unique PIN security feature.

When you want to get a certain home service done, your kids may be present there too. This effective security feature is a great way to ensure the safety of you and your kids when you let the merchant in.

Not only that, the PIN security also helps when the service needs to be done. Case in point: Only your child and domestic helper are at home. Your helper has to ask for the PIN security before letting the merchant in.

Making the lives of busy mums more convenient

page advisor app

Page Advisor may not be a magical wand that either slows down time or make everything picture perfect with a swish.

With this app, mums can certainly get a helping hand. The app makes the finding and hiring of home and personal services a more convenient experience with time well-saved.

So the next time you're planning a last minute birthday party for your kid, don't stress. Download Page Advisor to hire an entertainer, photographer and even caterer -- all in one app!

Page Advisor is available for free on iTunes App Store and Google Play Store.

For more information and the terms and conditions on Page Advisor, click here.

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