Outrage over meagre meals for YOG volunteers!

Outrage over meagre meals for YOG volunteers!

A picture of a meagre meal provided for YOG volunteers was posted on Facebook and has angered Singaporeans. The organisation committee has said it will improve its meals.

It is Day 4 of the Youth Olympic Games and Singaporeans from all walks of life are excited to see how well the athletes are performing!

This excitement aside, a picture of a meal given to YOG volunteers was recently posted on Facebook and has caused many Singaporeans to see red. The picture of some rice, a patty of chicken and a few pieces of long beans created a furore and ignited a string of complaints from many concerned and outraged Singaporeans.

The caterer, Singapore food industries (SFI), was awarded the 5.5 million dollar contract for providing food for 7,000 athletes, volunteers and officials. Following criticism from online netizens and newspaper forum participants, the YOG organization committee has said that it will immediately act on the quality of the food provided for its volunteers.

Many Singaporeans feel that since these volunteers (who are mostly school children and NS men!!) are already working for free, the least the YOG organization committee could do was offer them proper food.

We sure do hope the volunteers’ meals are upgraded to ones that are nutritious and well balanced. The volunteers, especially the kids, need the energy to carry out their YOG duties and make Singapore proud!

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