Here’s why and how watching an outdoor movie is a great experience!

Here’s why and how watching an outdoor movie is a great experience!

An outdoor movie experience is something that brings back a sense of nostalgia for most of us. With a few outdoor screenings happening net year, here are some tips to spruce your date nights!

Watching an outdoor movie in Singapore is a great way to spend time with family and friends; it's even a nice a first date activity. Here are some ways to enhance your open-air cinema experience:

1. Arrive early

Unlike tradtional cinemas, we assure you that if you arrive earlier, there will be things to do and you will not be bored.

As Singaporeans, it’s okay to bring out the kiasu-ness in you. Though all of the seats are awesome, chope your favourite ones!

2. Take as many pictures as you can

Immortalise the moment! Many might say that this is ‘an Asian thing’, you are in Asia afterall. Selfies, scenery pictures and loads of hashtags are a must. Not sure about you guys but we do take truckloads of pictures ourselves.

Remember to take full advantage of our awesome event setting!

3. Repel insects not people

Just to be sure that you will not be irritated, stick on those mosquito patches or spray on some insect repellent. Prevention is better than cure.

Even if you’re not a mosquito magnet, this might help you.

4. Food, glorious food!

Let’s be real, it’s not really an outdoor movie screening without awesome food – Especially so with MunchFlix!

It's perfect for a date in Singapore! Read the next page to find out more!

Great date idea for Valentine’s!

Don’t know anything new to do for Valentine’s Day? Why not bring your date to an open-air cinema! It’s the perfect way to break the ice, get to know each other better and it’s an interesting yet different type of date.

Don't food and movies sound familiar to your Valentine’s Day date plan?

movie in Singapore

Besides the open-air cinema, take full advantage of the open outdoor space to do some activities such as a picnic, kite flying or just simply sit and chat. After the sun sets, kick back, relax and enjoy the outdoor movie with MunchFlix. Isn’t that just the awesome ending?

Open-air movie in Singapore

Yes, you read that right! There is an outdoor movie in Singapore and it’s themed. Bringing together both of Singapore’s favourite pastimes – food & movies, MunchFlix is bringing back to Singapore an outdoors experience that is unlike any.

Each movie screening is uniquely themed, with the movie title, food and atmosphere setting all coming together cohesively to deliver an experience that is truly unforgettable.

The Food & Beverages are by itself unique in nature, where you would have trouble finding in our abundance of shopping malls. Food merchants at MunchFlix events are curated and majority are pop-up concepts. The F&B area is open to the public and typically starts at 2PM.

After the sun sets, the open-air cinema begins and it’s ticketed. You wouldn’t be able to catch your current blockbusters but you will definitely see familiar favourites – talk about nostalgic.

MunchFlix is the first to offer a thematic outdoor movie experience in Singapore. Find out more on the next page.

Perks of attending an outdoor event

Open recreational space is a problem in land scarce Singapore but this should not stop us from going out outdoors to have fun!

Outdoor events, such as MunchFlix, provides the perfect reason and venue to do just that. It is also the perfect ambiance for your selfies and we-fies!

If the event is at night, come earlier to watch the sunset before the movie, it’s always a spectacular sight to behold. We tend to miss it amidst our busy lives, so we suggest that you take a moment to bask in this picturesque scene (and probably Snapchat it!).

Don’t feel shy to spam a few more hashtags and get your friends all hyped up about your awesome pictures.

movie in Singapore


Perks of an outdoor movie in Singapore

Pretty sure almost everyone in Singapore has seen a movie in a cinema (not like we have a whole lot of leisure activities). Here’s a comparison between indoor and outdoor cinemas.

1. The look and feel

While everyone in Singapore would tell you that it’s crazy hot and humid to be outdoors, it is still somehow magical to be outside at dusk. The starry night sky as the backdrop, the scent of freshly cut grass and a natural “air-condition” wind transforms metropolis Singapore into a setting only seen outside of Singapore.

2. It’s just more fun!

Going to the movies at a cinema has become less entertaining as the joy and excitement has started to decline over the years. An open-air cinema delivers a new experience and with MunchFlix, it’s a food-niquely one.

3. Spend some quality family/friends time

Instead of just going to the movies, why not make it a family/friends day? Paired with great food, it’s the perfect recipe for spending quality time with the most important people in your life!

Arrive a bit early, start a picnic and probably bring a kite along with you.


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