Our super fun family day out at Serangoon Gardens Country Club

Our super fun family day out at Serangoon Gardens Country Club

If you are looking for an affordable and safe place that your entire family can enjoy all year long every day, Serangoon Gardens Country Club (SGCC) is the place to go. SGCC boasts great recreational facilities that will keep the whole family occupied at one great price.

My favourite day of the week is family day – doesn’t matter if it falls on a weekend or a weekday.

A few days ago, for the first time in a while, the haze had cleared and the kid was raring to go for a dip in the pool.

We had also been cooped up for a few days, so it was time to try out something new. We had heard about the Serangoon Gardens Country Club (SGCC) and its awesome facilities that offer wholesome family fun.

I had an invitation from them to come and explore it for myself. And on that wonderful clear day, that was exactly where we headed.

Where old-world charm meets modern facilities

Nestled in a residential area, Serangoon Gardens Country Club has all the charm of the old world and the comfort of modern facilities.

It might be celebrating its 60th birthday this year, but the facilities are modern with recent refurbishment works putting it on par with a lot of other newer country clubs.

Its membership scheme is also one of the most comprehensive around – one single membership, and also one price, for the entire family#!

The best thing about this Club is that there is truly something for everyone in the family, whether you are working or whether you are at play – making it the go-to place for family-friendly activities.

# Applicable to immediate family members only.

Because good food triumphs it all

Our first stop was lunch at Coffee Deli which offers a huge variety of food from Western fare to traditional Asian dishes recognizable in most Zi Char stalls.

Serangoon Gardens Country Club

Papa’s delicious lamb shank

The portions were generous and the food was delish! Most commendable was their fall-off-the-bone lamb shank. The gravy was just the right thickness to complement the gamey meat while the lamb itself was cooked to perfection. The grilled salmon was lovely with its crispy skin and creamy mashed potatoes – yum!

We also loved that they have kid-friendly options like pizzas that the little girl could eat easily with her hands so Mum and Pops could enjoy their lunch in peace.

Serangoon Gardens Country Club

My grilled-to-perfection succulent pink salmon with crisp skin.

Where kids roam free

We stopped by at Kiddieland – a cozy and pastel coloured playroom for kids to give our satisfied stomachs a rest before heading for our swim.

Kiddieland is a pleasant room with musical instruments, fun toys and colouring pencils for children to chill out in. This is a great place for your toddlers and pre-schoolers to come to play after school . The kids get to enjoy all the facilities and activities at Kiddieland even if the parents are not around. This is all thanks to SGCC’s Childminder Scheme that allows helpers and grandparents to bring the kids in even without their parents.

Perfect for busy working parents!

There is also a childcare centre (Cambridge Child Development Centre) within the Club. SGCC members enjoy $50 off monthly school fees after an ECDA subsidy.

The SGCC also has a wonderful Junior Gems kids club for kids 4 – 12 to enjoy special privileges such as birthday treats, free workshops, bi-monthly newsletters, and priority booking for activities at special rates.

Serangoon Gardens Country Club

Kiddieland keeps the kids entertained

Serangoon Gardens Country Club

Papa and Paige making music together with the instruments available in the playroom

Water, water everywhere!

We really loved the pools – 3 main pools, enough to cater to everyone in the family and even little spa baths! Little Paige loved the wading pool with its water playground and gentle slide.

The Olympic-sized swimming pool for adults.

The Olympic-sized swimming pool for adults.

The husband loved the Olympic-sized pool which he could do his laps and plunges in.  In addition to that, there is a sauna and steam room in the changing rooms which we really enjoyed after the swim. Ah….it was bliss feeling the heat permeate our tired muscles after the swim.

Serangoon Gardens Country Club

Little Paige at her favourite spot — water play makes a happy child

Serangoon Gardens Country Club

Water playground with a rubber tyre swing and slide

Serangoon Gardens Country Club

Our own individual spa baths that were so very relaxing

And we all fall down at Serangoon Gardens Country Club!

Next up, we were keen to try out their bowling alley at Gardens Bowl, which is a popular haunt amongst youth members. This would be four-year-old Paige’s first try at bowling and she was really psyched.

When the ever-friendly staff saw that she would also be bowling, they were quick to offer the last lane which has rails at the side to prevent the bowling ball from going into the gutter.

They also advised us which balls to use that were age-appropriate for her. Honestly, she could barely throw the ball but the rails were great for her to get a feel of the game without discouraging her.

Serangoon Gardens Country Club

The very comfortable Gardens Bowl

Serangoon Gardens Country Club

Papa guiding Paige along on her first bowl

After about an hour of bowling, we were beat and ready to call it a day.

Papa, however, wanted to do a round at the gym before leaving. I think SGCC has one of the best-equipped gyms for a country club with a good array of well-maintained machines.

Serangoon Gardens Country Club

Well-equipped with a variety of oiled machines to get your muscles pumping

Taking a break at the Main Lobby with Paige while waiting for the hubby, I couldn’t help but admire its high ceilings, shiny floor and overall spaciousness. It is a welcoming and comfortable place that gives a great feeling whenever we enter or leave the Club.

Couple We-fie with our refreshing chilled coconut after his workout!

Couple We-fie with our refreshing chilled coconut after his workout!

While Paige really enjoyed herself at the Club, I also noted a lot of facilities for older kids.

Facilities like the Study Room that open till late during exam period or The Hangout that comes equipped with PS4 and Xbox 360 consoles and a pool table make SGCC a fun and safe place for teens to visit with their friends after school.

Throw into that mix free Wi-Fi throughout the Club, and we are sure this could very well become a favourite haunt with your teenager.

Serangoon Gardens Country Club

We predict this could become your teenage child’s favourite hangout

Amazing place? We definitely think so! If you think so too and would love to be able to provide your family with these awesome facilities on a daily basis all year long.

Membership prices

Term Membership: 1-year at $2,400* or 2-year at $4,200* plus sign-up incentive of $200 spending credit

Ordinary Membership:$3,400 down payment with $360 monthly (50-month interest free installment plan) plus sign-up incentive of $500 spending credit ($1,500 spending credit for full payment)

*subject to GST

Come and experience the unique Serangoon Gardens Country Club hospitality through a personalised tour of the Club! Have loads of fun!

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Written by

Leigh Fan

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