What do mothers wish for?

What do mothers wish for?

This Sunday is Mother’s Day. If you have not planned anything or haven't a clue what to get for the mother of your children or how to celebrate, here are some clues.

We asked our mothers to share with us what they would most like to receive this Mother’s Day.  And in typical selfless maternal fashion, most of our mothers’ wishes were for their children and not themselves.  Here are their answers.

Mothers with toddlers and preschoolers

The only wishes these mothers have are for their young ones to be happy, healthy and growing.  And all they want are kisses and hugs from their delightful kids.

Joeline Ang (2007 mom): Nothing in particular. Just hoping my precious boy will grow well & healthy each day... His allergy & sinus problem will improve as he grows older...

Elaine Koong Siew Peng (2007 mom) also wishes for “my gal is healthy, and everything goes smoothly for her.

2008 Mom Annie Lim: If this can be counted as a wish, then let it be "I love my children, may God give me more patience, grace and understanding to be a better mom.

Other 2008 moms below share:

Bju Mummy "wish her kids healthy, happy, no injury, focus, enthusiastic to learn, pick up new things fast, filial, respectful, perseverance, thrifty, honest..."

Joyce Cheng: well... I would be melted away if my baby kiss me on that morning and say ' Mummy... I LOVE YOU and I always will...’  hehehehe... :P

Shen Meiling: I would like my kids to grow up happily and healthily everyday! I just hope they will do well in their studies always! They are my darlings so my wish is always for them:) As long as seeing them staying happily and healthily always & achieve something, that's the greatest gift for me!

Mothers with school-age children

And she’s not alone in wishing for her kids to do well in their studies.  Thavamany Thavi whose boys are sitting for their PSLE this year wishes that they get good results for their PSLE.

P3 Moms share similar wishes. Stephanie Goh shares that her wish as a mother is “Good SA1 results from my kiddo” and her “materialistic wish is an iPad2! Lol”

Kavitha Singaram concurs – also wishing for good SA1 results from her child.  Khaw Lin said her wish is simple: I don’t want to take cane out.

While P2 Moms are more holistic in their wishes...

Rodiah Eunos: Actually the greatest gift is the love from our children, if they success in whatever they do that's the best gift of all. But this Mother's day I wish I can have sumptuous dinner with my beloved family :-D

Kat Louis  Ong: Well... making sure our children stay healthy, succeed in whatever they do. And most of all, is filial to us when we are old. Just, I received a Mother's day card from my kid, the content " ... mummy I love u, hoped u like the card. It cost S$2.00." I started to laugh. Thinking to myself, well, kids are always kids - so single minded. But still I'm happy with the Mother's day card.

Whatever your wishes are, we hope they come true.

Have a Happy Mother’s Day!




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