Origins Jamu massage Post Natal Massage

Origins Jamu massage Post Natal Massage

Rebecca Chan, a mother to two lovely daughters aged 3 years and 10 months, found the secrets of Jamu massage to be beneficial, especially right after she became a mother.

Jamu massage

After delivery, Patty Huang, 27, an accountant with a Singapore based MNC, was faced with every first-time mother’s dilemma. How do you get rid of the pregnancy post natal weight?

“I remember looking at myself in the mirror after giving birth and I was disgusted. Not only did I have terrible dark eyes because of the lack of sleep, but I also had pimples on my forehead due to all the hormones. I felt so fat and flabby, and I missed the old me - all I wanted was to fit back into my normal clothes,” shares Patty.

After sharing her feelings and insecurities to her grandmother, she began taking short trips across the border for traditional post natal jamu massages. This form of post natal massage, using natural ingredients and oil, is common among the more traditional folk but that is not to say it’s dying out in a city that is ahead of mass culture in certain areas.

TheAsianParent found a home-based business specialising in this form of post natal massage and more right here in our backyard.


Post Natal Massage - Jamu Massage

Origins Jamu Massage , started by Rebecca Chan, has seen it’s clientele rising steadily. Rebecca, a mother to two lovely daughters aged 3 years and 10 months, found the secrets of Jamu massage to be beneficial, especially right after she became a mother.  TheAsianParent gets the low-down of this with Rebecca.

Origins Jamu Massage Services

TheAsianParent (TAP): : Hi Rebecca, what does Origins Jamu Post Natal Massage provide?

Rebecca Chan (R.C): Origins specialises in post natal massage but traditional massage is also offered. The post natal service includes massaging of the breasts to stimulate milk flow ( for successful lactation) using Hot Stone compress. It stimulates and increases the operation of the overall lymph system and it is used to clear blocked ducts, engorgements that is commonly faced while breastfeeding.

TAP: What is Hot Stone?

R.C: : It’s a natural river stone that is used for treating many things such as, relieving back pain, pains in the muscles and joints, reducing water retention, leg cramps and tense and tight muscles., stimulating the lymphatic system and increases blood circulation, reducing stress, relieving headaches, constipation and it is also used to compress the tummy after delivery as it aids in ridding of the ‘wind’. However, the core benefit is to restore a new mother's health wellbeing back after labour.

TAP: You also offer baby massages. How do you go about with that?

R.C: A traditional recipe for the baby massage oil is used and the sequence of the baby massage is taught to mothers. This actually helps the mother and the baby to bond and also blood circulation of the baby is being improved. This massage also prevents colic in a baby. If the baby already has colic, the massage helps with reducing of it.


A Focus on Beauty & Comfort

TAP: It certainly would form a tight bond between mother and child. With your post natal massages, where are they done?

R.C: All our services are carried out in the comfort of the home of the client. Our therapists, who are called ‘Afterbirth Pal’, are trained individuals who respect the privacy and modesty of each of our clients. We understand the home to be a place of security and all and usually we opt to carry out the massage on the floor, perhaps in the living room or a spare room, with a sheet spread across. Only due to insistence of the client, then the massage will be carried out on the bed, in the bedroom.

TAP: Binding seems to be picking speed with your clients. How does that work?

R.C: Jamu & ginger slimming cream are applied onto the tummy area before binding. Binding helps to tighten the stomach muscles and helps to straighten our spine which will be slightly curved due to the weight of the baby for 9 months. The mother is taught how to tie the binder and advise is given on how to continuously tie everyday for at least 1-2 months for maximum effectiveness.


How it All Started 

TAP: : You’re a 28-year-old mother with two children, both below the age of 4. What made you venture into such a field?

R.C: I saw it work for me and I really wanted to spread the awareness of such a massage that is available. My friend, who is also my mentor, has 10 years experience in this and she was the guiding hand for me. I run this as a home business as the flexible hours work for me and I can attend to the back end of things when the girls are tucked in or busy with play.

TAP: How are the locals responding to such method to get rid of the ‘baby weight’?

R.C: Exceptionally well! It’s a good way to get people to get in touch with their roots and become aware that such things have been around for ages. The young mothers, in particular, want to lose the weight fast and want to do it in the healthiest way possible so this is turning into quite a hit with those mothers.

TAP: What is your advice to mothers who are yet to try jamu massages?

R.C: : New Mum! Think of the benefits in the long run. Sometimes, right after delivery, a new mother will be unable to see the changes her body is undergoing because of delivery or pregnancy, but 20 years down the road, when the results start to show, it will be too late to do anything about it.

To find out more information on post natal jamu massage Visit Origins Jamu Massage!

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Roshni Mahtani

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