"Don't give up": One couple's powerful incredibly infertility story

"Don't give up": One couple's powerful incredibly infertility story

"The experience can be made easier when someone has your back, and I wanted to let other people know they are not alone.”

For Pooja and Hampton Rutland, the long, tumultuous journey to becoming parents can be summed up in one quote: “We had a long road.”

A long road, indeed. As a matter of fact, their journey lasted a seemingly interminable 8 years. Along the way: shattered dreams, and indescribable heartache. But have no fear readers, this story isn’t one meant to leave you in tears of sadness it’s meant to evoke joy.

You see, about 6 weeks ago, the couple from Louisiana (USA) proudly welcomed in their second born; a beautiful baby boy named William. William, who is now the younger brother of 5-year-old Henry, is “doing great, very sweet and healthy, he just hasn’t gotten the sleeping part down yet. We are getting used to our new schedule,” reports father Hampton.

Don't give up

Son Henry holding newborn baby WIlliam!

While the Rutlands are living nothing short of the dream nowadays, it wasn’t too long ago that Hampton and his wife, Pooja, had essentially lost all hope in having children.

“With infertility you have feelings of doubt, confusion, inadequacy, and despair,” Hampton said in an interview with BabyCenter. “Those [feelings] are hard on people and hard on families. The experience can be made easier when someone has your back, and I wanted to let other people know they are not alone.”

Sure, the aforementioned feelings of doubt, confusion, inadequacy, and despair are tough on a potential parent’s psyche, but how about this: 81 pregnancy tests. That’s right. The Rutland’s had to endure the pain of 81 negative pregnancy test before finally being blessed with one positive.

“We thought infertility was uncommon, and we felt very alone,” Hampton claims. “People talk about good things, especially on social media – they are pregnant and their children are doing well, etc. No one posts that they had another miscarriage or how hard it is to get pregnant. It is hard! And it’s very common.”

As you now know, the Hampton’s story is one that ends on a positive note. But, other couples out there aren’t so lucky. In fact, infertility has only grown more common as years have passed. For example, as of 2014, the total global fertility rate (births per woman) was 2.45. Sure, that doesn’t sound so awful; however, as of 1960 the total global fertility rate was a whopping 4.98.

The fact of the matter is that even though the odds women easily conceiving a child grow increasingly difficult. In spite of this, you can’t ever give up. Powerful stories–like that of the Rutlands–are the perfect example of that powerful message of hope.

“Don’t give up” is the inspirational motif of their compelling birth video called A Child Is Born: Our Infertility StoryHopeful parents, even if the odds are stacked against you, you have to persevere. Through hope and persistence almost anything is possible. Let Hampton and Pooja be a compelling force to convince you of this.


Check out Pooja and Hampton’s beautiful and inspirational video, A Child Is Born: Our Infertility Story, by clicking next!


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