This dad makes just one sound to get his newborn to sleep in a few seconds!

This dad makes just one sound to get his newborn to sleep in a few seconds!

Why not try this new dad's fascinating way of getting his baby to sleep on your own little one?

All parents know just how hard it can be to get babies to sleep, especially when they are very young. If your baby prefers to be more awake than asleep, then this new dad's handy trick just might be useful. 

Daniel Eisenman is a new dad and motivational speaker and author. In a video clip he posted on Facebook last month, he motivates a tiny little person – his baby girl Divina –  to go to sleep in under 15 seconds! 

Eisenman was doing a live video when his baby girl started to cry. Daddy keeps his calm, looks at his daughter, and starts chanting "Om", which is a mystic syllable and believed to be the most sacred chant or mantra in Tibetan Buddhism and Hinduism. 

Amazingly, after Eisenman starts his chant, little Divina calms down and falls asleep in a flash! 

His video has been viewed over 35 million times since he posted it and has been shared by thousands. 

Mystic Om

There is truth in the calming effect of this sound. When chanted, it is reported to vibrate at a frequency of 432 Hz, "which is the same vibrational frequency found throughout everything in nature," according to Mind Body Green

Also, the vibrations and low sound help slow down the nervous system and calm the mind, like meditation. This is probably what helped Divina fall asleep so fast. 

Check out Eisenman's absolutely adorable video: 

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