Officer comforts crying toddler found wandering streets

Officer comforts crying toddler found wandering streets

"It had nothing to do with the badge. It had to do with being a human being."

Earlier in May of this year, a 16-month-old child was found wandering the streets of the Savannah-Chatham area (Georgia, USA). The child had been abandoned and was seen walking alone up and down the streets of a high-traffic area. No parents claimed the child, and no adults made an effort to rescue the boy.

Eventually, the ambulance from the Memorial University Medical Center retrieved the toddler and transported him to the hospital. Upon arriving, the boy was taken to the emergency room for examinations. While there, the boy was left in the care of two police officers.

The 16-month-old boy, frightened and alone, cried and sobbed uncontrollably with no end in sight. So, James Hurst, one of the local police responsible for watching the child, swooped in and saved the day. Hurst, a father of two, wasn’t surprised to find the solution to the problem: a nice hearty dose of TLC.

Hurst picked up the crying child, and held him tightly in an effort to calm him down. The boy immediately stopped crying. In fact, he even fell asleep for almost an hour as his weary head lay comfortably on Hurst’s chest.

The other police officer captured the moment in an absolutely heartwarming photo:


Credit: Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department

The photo was shared by the Savannah- Chatham Metropolitan Police Department (SCMD)’s Facebook page, and his since gained a tremendous following from compassionate parents and netizens alike. The post has been shared and liked thousands of times and has worked to show that any idea of humans being intrinsically bad or naturally evil, is far from true.

James Hurst knows that, as a police officer, he has a duty to his community to do the right thing. In an interview with TODAY, Hurst says it wasn’t about that.”It had nothing to do with the badge,” said Hurst in his interview. “It had to do with being a human being.”

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