A nutritious snack for your toddler

A nutritious snack for your toddler

GERBER® GRADUATES® Mini Fruits taste so good you are bound to “steal” some from your little one’s bowl!


Find out what is nutritious for your little one

Are you looking to supplement your child’s diet with fruits and nutritious snacks? GERBER® GRADUATES® Mini Fruits is the product you have been searching high and low for. Specially made for his or her little fingers, they come in perfect bite-size pieces that melt in the mouth, making it a great nutritious snack for your child.


Made from 100% real fruit, each pack contains the goodness of real apples, bananas and strawberries. The mini fruits snack has no artificial preservatives, colours or added sugar – the 100% natural goodness of only real fruits is locked in by a special freeze-drying technology. This special freeze-drying process safely removes the water from the fruit and preserves the natural nutrients, colour, aroma and flavor of the fruit.


The 100% freeze-dried Mini Fruits are also easy to swallow as they dissolve quickly into soft pieces and the bite-size is developed for little fingers to encourage self-feeding and the development of fine motor skills.


Packaged in resealable bags, GERBER® GRADUATES® Mini Fruits is the perfect snack at home or outdoors (especially if you do not have a cooler readily available for fresh fruits). Another great thing about GERBER® GRADUATES® Mini Fruits is that, unlike real fruits, no washing is necessary and you don’t have to deal with juice dripping down your child’s chin!


In a world full of junk food and trans fats, GERBER® GRADUATES® Mini Fruits is a fantastic way to get your child to start good eating habits early — without him or her even knowing!


More Information

GERBER® Graduates Mini Fruits is available in 2 delicious flavours, Apple and Banana Strawberry.

Each pack contains 4 servings of fruits

GERBER® Graduates Mini Fruits are available in May’11 at all leading supermarkets at $6.95 (including GST)

For more information, visit nestlebaby.com

If you would like to win a trial pack of  GERBER® Graduates Mini Fruits click here


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Written by

Roshni Mahtani

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