5 Reasons Why New Mums Shouldn't Miss Out on the NTUC Good Start Bundle

5 Reasons Why New Mums Shouldn't Miss Out on the NTUC Good Start Bundle

Have you ever wished your baby came with a kit that has all the essentials you need? Well, the NTUC Good Start Bundle has all your basics covered – and more. Each bundle comes with more than $300 worth of essentials specially selected for the baby and family so you can simply enjoy this magical stage in parenthood.

Congratulations! You now have a baby! What a happy time this is for you and your new family. It can also be overwhelming. Sleepless nights, round-the-clock care, exhaustion, and isolation – these are just some of the things new parents experience. Whether you are a first time mum or if this is your second or third baby, every new addition to the family brings just as much joy and challenges to your everyday life. Thankfully, all the stress is worth it because that cute baby deserves all the love and devotion you can give. Plus, we have good news for new mums like you: You can now enjoy the NTUC Good Start Bundle for free!

NTUC and its Social Enterprises designed it to make your life as a mum easier by stuffing it full of the essentials a new baby needs. It’s an absolute godsend!

The NTUC Good Start Bundle has all your basics covered and more. Each bundle comes with more than $300 worth of essentials specially selected for your baby. It’s more than just a collection of goodies – each gift was carefully chosen to address a specific need that young families experience so that they can simply enjoy this magical stage in parenthood.

NTUC good start bundle

Just some of the goodies you’ll get from the NTUC Good Start Bundle

Here’s why the NTUC Good Start Bundle is a godsend to new mums:

1. It has all the essentials

Every new mum wishes she’s surrounded by all her family and friends to help her with the baby. Alas, with our busy lives, a mum usually finds herself alone with baby and surrounded by chores instead!

When the milk runs out and the diaper supply needs replenishing, you can rely on the FairPrice FairMily Kit in the bundle. Not only does it have milk powder for infants aged six months old and above, it also comes with grocery items and an exclusive deal for shoppers to use at FairPrice On. This kit will definitely come in handy when you’re too tired to go to the supermarket.

2. You’re worry-free with one-year health insurance

Bumps and bruises are an inevitable part of childhood as your child learns to navigate his new environment. As a parent, protecting your baby is your top priority. If your baby is insured under NTUC Income Enhanced IncomeShield or IncomeShield Standard Plan, which assures that any hospital and surgical expenses are covered, he will also enjoy complimentary one-year health insurance coverage. You won’t have to worry about hospital expenses in the first year of your child’s life. Just enjoy your baby as he grows!  

3. Baby gets a headstart with Little Skool-House

As your child enters the preschool years, she needs to find the words to explore her new world. Help her discover language in a fun environment. Included with every NTUC Good Start Bundle is a free playtime session for your child at the Little Skool-House Early Literacy Centre at Downtown East. There are interactive learning zones and a wonderful library that encourage your child to not just develop her motor skills but to also enjoy learning about words and the world around her through play.

4. You get a lifetime Plus! membership

A new baby means lots of new expenses, too. Here’s a way to make all that money work for you – the NTUC Good Start Bundle offers free Plus! membership to new parents. Every time you shop, you can earn LinkPoints which you can then use to enjoy privileges and benefits from over 1,200 participating outlets worldwide and online.

5. A free special edition book for you and your child

NTUC good start bundle

The gifts aren’t over yet! You and your child can also enjoy Shower, a special edition book that’s part of the Early Experiences Matter: Mother Tongue Reader series. This book series was created by NTUC First Campus for infants to toddlers. It contains three sets of language stickers that help you build your child’s vocabulary and love for your mother tongue. This book will be distributed to parents at the Embracing Parenthood Community Celebration events, so watch for an event in your neighbourhood.

All these are yours for the taking, mums! Families with Singaporean babies born between 2016 and 2019  are eligible to receive the NTUC Good Start Bundle. All you need to do is sign up at http://www.ntucgoodstart.sg/. Get yours now because every child and parent deserves the very best start.

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