No more calls from telemarketers - The Do Not Call Registry (DNC)

No more calls from telemarketers - The Do Not Call Registry (DNC)

Tired of receiving calls from telemarketers, trying to sell you stuff you don't need or want, in accents you have trouble understanding? Here's how you can solve that problem!

Receiving calls from telemarketers can be painful and a nuisance, to say the least. Most of the time you’re in the middle of something; be it an important meeting with your boss or finally catching a moment for yourself.

The worst part is you may even have been excited, maybe you were expecting a call from someone or a piece of good news. Alas, there is someone with an accent you’re trying desperately to understand, trying to sell you something.


A tad irritating, no?

We should, however, spare a thought for those on the other end of the line. Everyone needs to make a living.  So, we try to be nice even when it is clearly wearing on our patience.

Well, lucky for us, there now exists a solution. The Do Not Call (DNC) registry.

What is the DNC registry?

Run by the Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC) of Singapore, it is a free service that allows people to register their phone numbers in order to, well, not receive calls.

Organisations will now have to check with the DNC before making a call. They are also required to purchase credits to check the lists of numbers before cold calling – this on its own should serve as a deterring factor.

What happens now?

Without telemarketers and their frequent calling, selling and pushing products onto us – who is going to tell us what we should be buying now?

The responsibility has now been returned to its rightful owners, us. So it may be a little bit more troublesome, one more thing to do in our already brimming schedules.



On the bright side, we as consumers, get to decide what works best for us. As opposed to simply saying yes to the pushiest of the lot, we are granted the right to comparing what’s out there in the market and available to us.

This spells good news for the quality of the services and products we’ll be receiving along with a good, clean, honest market.

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Keep reading to find out how service quality is improved! 

How does this improve service and market quality?

Well, companies now have to rely on the quality of their product or service, cost and how it stands out against its competitor’s products. Good, old-fashioned sales (good as it gets, anyway)

Without the ability to badger you over the phone as you’re rushing off to your next appointment, organisations need to rely solely on the quality and benefits of their products.



So whilst this may not be the best news for some – it’s brilliant news for all of us out there who are tired of entertaining calls we really don’t want to, then feeling like horrible people for not being nicer. Not to mention the regret of agreeing to an insurance plan we don’t really need or haven’t really explored.

Hurry over and register your number with DNC and you can bid goodbye to pesky telemarketers and buying services you don’t actually want or need!

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Written by

Sonia Pasupathy

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