Newborn twins dead: Hospital makes mistake, declares newborn twins dead

Newborn twins dead: Hospital makes mistake, declares newborn twins dead

An Indian Hospital declared the newborn twins dead, but one baby came to life just minutes before its burial!

In a case that would send chills down your spine, one of the two babies who was declared dead by an Indian hospital came to life just minutes before its burial.

You read that right. The privately run Max hospital is located at Delhi's Shalimar Bagh. The incident occured on November 30 when the doctors pronounced the baby boy dead, a couple of hours after the other twin, a girl, was found to be stillborn.

The baby started moving...

The girl was born around 7.35am on Thursday and the boy was delivered at 7.42am.

The baby boy's grandfather, Praveen Malik, told media that at 12:30 pm they declared the second baby also dead.

“On our way to their last rites, we noticed movement in one of the packets. On opening it, we found that the boy was breathing and took him to a hospital,” he added.

The police have registered a case of attempt to commit culpable homicide after the family approached them.

“The family told us that there was spontaneous abortion and Varsha gave birth to one male and another female foetus. We have registered a case under Section 308 of the IPC and will question those named,” DCP north-west Aslam Khan told the Hindustan Times.

The baby boy has been named "Champ" by the family as he survived under extraordinary circumstances.

Champ is currently undergoing treatment at another hospital. Doctors say that his condition is improving.

Hospital has offered full support

Calling the incident shocking and unfortunate, the Max Healthcare authorities have said that they have initiated a detailed inquiry.

“We are shaken and concerned by this rare incident. We have initiated a detailed inquiry... We are in constant touch with the parents and are providing all support, "the hospital added.

The Delhi Medical Council has initiated an inquiry into charges of negligence by the private hospital.

“Based on the reports where a newborn baby was declared dead along with his stillborn twin and handed over to his parents at Max Hospital Shalimar Bagh, Delhi, Medical Council has taken cognisance of the case and suo moto decided to examine the case,” the council said in a statement.

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