Miracle newborn conjoined twins die of heart failure

Miracle newborn conjoined twins die of heart failure

A pair of conjoined twins sharing one body were born in Bangladesh recently but sadly died due to heart failure just a week later.

In a sad turn of events, the conjoined twins recently born in Bangladesh have passed away due to heart failure.

While at the neonatal intensive care unit at a hospital in Dhaka, the newborns were already in unstable condition: medical staff noted that they were experiencing difficulty in breathing.

Thousands flocked to see the “miracle newborn” with their own eyes.

Conjoined twins who share the same body but have individual vital organs are a rarity. Unfortunately, rarer still, are those who survive infancy.

The twins’ father Jamal Mia tells Yahoo News that he has not told his wife yet because he fears the upsetting news will interfere with her recovery from a difficult caesarian delivery.

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