New Pampers Baby Dry Pants Diaper Review by Coffee & Toast Mama

New Pampers Baby Dry Pants Diaper Review by Coffee & Toast Mama

Now at 8 months, diapering Baby E is akin to wrestling with an alligator and I can take almost forever to tape him up. Seems like a pretty good time to change to diaper pants!

Ask any parents who have diapered long enough, most would have tried about any brands available in the market. I’ve personally tried almost every brand available in our local market & from Qoo10.

I must say, this made in Japan Pampers dry pants is pretty awesome. Like up there on the charts together with Merries & Goon diapers awesome.


Thus far, the softest diapers I’ve laid my hands on have to be Japanese brands, especially those made in Japan ones.

This past week, we’ve been battling with pneumonia that’s been plaguing Baby E. In summary, this medication resulted in diarrhoea - wet, brown, messy poo every few hours especially at night. This Pampers dry pants really held up all the mess! We only experience very minor leakage twice, which was no mean feat. The last thing I want to do is clean up messy poo & wash poo-stained clothes, sheets etc during this trying period.

What I love about this new Pampers Dry Pants:

  • Surprisingly thinner than usual diaper pants (great for packing in diaper bags)
  • Supremely soft cotton
  • Comfortable fit around the waist, no red itchy marks when I remove the diapers.
  • Very stretchy, making it easy to wear for a highly active baby without tearing the diaper.
  • No leakage. Been using for 5 days, it could hold a big load of pee overnight and massive amounts of poo.
  • Wetness indicator.
  • Pretty awesome air circulation for dryness.
  • No nappy rashes.

Now I am pretty particular about dryness & rashes, because Baby E is also recovering from urinary tract infection. I am really pleased that Baby E’s bumbum was dry throughout! Even after 12 hours of wear overnight. Now that really is quite amazing.


Perhaps it’s something to do with the elastic soft comfortable design of the diapers, coupled with their patented Magic Gel that locks up wetness faster than usual diapers. I am totally bought over.

So, any complains? Actually no. I do like this new Pampers Dry Pants series. It lives up to what it claims. But but BUT, to really nit pick, then it would be totally kickass if the price was cheaper. Again, made in Japan. This is not the diaper you want to get if you are looking for value-for-money but it is well worth the money, if you get what I mean.


If your baby has been a regular user of other Japanese diapers, I would highly recommend that you give this new Pampers Baby Dry Pants a try too!

Product Information: New Pampers® Baby Dry Pants delivers up to 12 hours of superior overnight dryness in easy to change pants. Pampers® Baby Dry Pants provides 360 degrees slim fit, it fits the baby comfortably no matter how baby moves during day/night.

Product Benefits:

  • Up to 12 hours of Skin Dryness+
  • Magic Gel TM Absorbs and Locks  - in Up To 7 Wettings
  • Air Circulation Dry Skin
  • With 360 Degree Slim Fit
  • Thin & Soft Design for Baby’s Skin Comfort
  • Cotton-like Soft Belt

New Pampers Baby Dry Pants are available at major supermarkets now.

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