New baby essentials: The new Ergobaby ADAPT carrier and Grobag

New baby essentials: The new Ergobaby ADAPT carrier and Grobag

As a first-time mom, I'm always researching on the best products out there for my baby. Here I share about two that I love and highly recommend: Ergobaby ADAPT carrier and Grobag. 

One of the first things that I bought for baby Amber was a soft structured carrier (SSC) even before she was born.

“Just get an infant insert if you baby is below 7kg,” I read on baby forums. “And when she’s bigger, she can use the carrier without the insert.” Sounds perfect right? Except it’s not.

The truth is, infant inserts are cumbersome to wear and babies get very warm in them, especially in Singapore’s weather. And when they get warm, they fuss a lot – defeating the purpose of using a baby carrier in the first place. At least that’s my experience.

So when I got to know that there isn’t a need for a separate baby insert with the new Ergobaby ADAPT, I was pretty excited. I took her out for a spin to test her new carrier out.

What I love about Ergobaby Adapt

Ergobaby Adapt

1. There’s no need for a separate infant insert

This is reason enough for me to like this carrier. One less bulky layer of heat for her means easier and more accurate wearing. This resulted in a settled, comfortable and less fussy baby. She didn’t squirm that afternoon.

separate infant insert

2. It’s comfortable for me (and that’s really important!)

I love SSCs, but prolonged wearing the bub in them usually places strain on my back and shoulders, especially my back. The moment I put the Ergobaby ADAPT on, I noticed a significant difference. The sturdy waistband took off so much weight from my back, and the well-cushioned straps relieved even more pressure off my shoulders. I could wear Amber all day. My back was more comfortable and my shoulders less strained. The criss-cross option will offer even more support as baby’s weight increases.

3. From newborn to toddler (3.2 to 20kg)

As its name suggests, the Ergobaby ADAPT grows with your baby as he or she transits into toddler size. With the revolutionary velcro panels, the innovative seat gradually adjusts to our little one from birth to toddler age. Talk about making a good investment! I love it that that velcro tabs are colour coded. All I need to do is to position both panels symmetrically according to baby’s size. Super fuss-free and easy-to-use!

4. Acknowledged as a hip-healthy product by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute

The deep bucket seat of the ADAPT results in an ergonomic “M-Shape” when worn correctly. This comfortable position can avoid creating pressure on the hip joints, which is a major requirement for me when choosing a baby carrier. Amber was really comfortable in it – because the seat is adjustable, it fits perfectly and doesn’t cut into her thighs.

5. Convenience of three carry positions

The ADAPT can be worn as a front inward-facing (parallel or criss-cross), hip or back carry carrier. Hip and back carry positions are for babies weighing a minimum of 7.8kg. I haven’t had the chance to explore carrying the bub in other positions yet since she’s still so little, but I’m looking forward to trying!

6. Easy to maintain

The Ergobaby ADAPT is made of 100% premium cotton and is machine washable. When it comes to stuff that my baby wears, anything that can’t be machine washed gets tossed aside because I simply don’t have the time!

Ergobaby easy to maintain

The Ergobaby ADAPT is a great option if you’re deciding on your first SSC. It can take baby from newborn to toddler, eliminating the need to get multiple carriers throughout baby’s growing up stages. It is also easy enough to use for first-time moms. The support it offers is magnificent. I really like it. If you’re into functionality and timeless designs (the carrier is available in black and grey), I thoroughly recommend it!

Another product that's great for keeping baby safe is the Grobag. Read all about it on the next page plus a special offer.

What I love about the Grobag

As a first-time mom, researching on baby’s safety was, and still is, a top priority for me. Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is real, and because of that, I only bought some swaddles and a Grobag for Amber’s sleep time. No pillows, no bolsters, no quilt, no blankets – nothing that could potentially cover or block my baby’s nose as she sleeps.

Turned out that Amber hates to be swaddled. She needed her hands to be free and swaddling her defeats the purpose of making her feel safe enough to go to sleep. She was constantly fidgeting and trying to wriggle her way out of the swaddles. By the second week, I started using the swaddle as a blanket to keep her warm. But I found myself waking up constantly to check that the swaddle hasn’t flown across her face as she practises kung-fu in the middle of the night.

Three months on, she has now mastered the art of kicking off everything that’s on her body as she sleeps. This happens every night.

baby tai-ji

Keeping my baby warm

The best thing to keep her warm – but not tooo warm – safely, is really the Grobag. The Grobag is an award-winning baby sleep bag that you place your baby into. It keeps baby warm while letting the arms, hands and legs go free. Amber can wave and flag her arms or practise Tai-ji however much she wants.

Although light-weight and suitable for Singapore’s climate, there’s no way the fabric can fly up and put your baby at risk for suffocation, unlike a traditional blanket or top sheet. There’s also lots of room at the underarms and all-around, which allowed for free movement and overall comfort. Amber slept pretty well that night. Did she like it? I think she did!


A special offer

From From 15 September to 15 October 2016, purchase any Ergobaby Adapt or Ergobaby Hip Seat Carrier at selected *Mothercare stores, and receive a free Ergobaby Original teething pad (worth $19.90) or $100 worth of Gro products at selected *Mothercare stores and receive a free Gro-suit (worth $49.90) when you present this article.

*Offer valid exclusively at Mothercare Harbourfront, Mothercare Paragon, Mothercare Marina Square or Mothercare Parkway. While stocks last.

Ergo teething pad GWP BGA0000000421 Grosuit GWP BGA0000000422


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