Food delivery in Singapore gets easier with Deliveroo!

Food delivery in Singapore gets easier with Deliveroo!

Imagine a Kangaroo hopping from one home to another, delivering food fast--this is what new app Deliveroo does. Not only does it deliver food speedily, but it also has a range of top-quality restaurants to choose from, so busy parents can worry less about preparing food and focus on their kids.

Is this a familiar scene, Mum and Dad: you rush home tired from work to prepare your family a meal? We know, you’d rather spend time playing or talking with your kids. They grow up so fast. But at the same time, we know that you want to provide quality food for them, too.

What can you do then? Turn to Deliveroo.

Deliveroo is an app that offers a reliable food delivery system. It simplifies food ordering and gets food to your home–fast. This way, you can spend less time chopping and cooking in the kitchen and more time creating priceless memories with the family.

How it works

  • Browse through carefully curated restaurants near you.
  • Add food items with a simple click.
  • Wait for your delivery.
  • Track the driver through the app to remove the guesswork on where your food is!
  • Pay through credit card for the ultimate convenience.

Deliveroo allows you to spend quality time with your family while providing quality meals.

Need more convincing to try this app? Here are its other features:

Heaps of restaurants to choose from

Deliveroo has partnered with over 1200 of the most-loved restaurants in Singapore, including Three Buns by Potato Head Folk, MEATliquor, PS Cafe, Chopsuey, Good Chance Popiah, and Rong Hua Bak Kut Teh.

This ensures that there is something for everyone–Mum, Dad, even little picky eaters. Satisfy whatever food cravings you have! You can order anything from healthy salads to filling pizzas and burgers.

Quality restaurants

Deliveroo partners with heaps of restaurants but is particular about providing your family with a great home dining experience.

We work with restaurant partners who take pride in the quality of ingredients that they use. In terms of determining if a restaurant is a ‘quality restaurant’, we have a team of dining experts who review the restaurant to make sure [they] follow a certain checklist… and we have a proper QC procedure in place to ensure that we get Singapore’s most loved restaurants on board,” says Tristan Torres, General Manager.


“With our hyper-local delivery model, we ensure that food gets to hungry mouths–fast.” — Tristan Torres, General Manager, Deliveroo

Most-loved restaurants differ for every zone or area. “The best-loved restaurants in Tanglin, may be different from the best-loved restaurants in Hougang. However, we make sure that we provide our customers with a selection of the most-loved restaurants by category (pizza, Chinese food, Thai food, etc),” Torres says.

Deliveroo is a great way to hop from one country to another, within the confines of your dining room, thanks to the different cuisines and food categories it offers.


There is a $3 delivery fee for orders $25 and above. This makes dining in more practical than dining out since you save on petrol and parking fees.

Speedy delivery

Deliveroo uses your location to show you restaurants nearby. This, together with committed delivery men and women, ensures that you get your food right away. The average delivery time is 32 minutes.

Place orders in advance

Those who enjoy scheduling will be happy to know that Deliveroo allows orders to be placed in advance for up to one day.

Apps provide convenience, that’s true. What sets Deliveroo apart is that its service focuses on excellence–quality restaurants, convenient ordering and tracking, reliable and speedy delivery. This allows busy parents to give their kids undivided attention at home while providing nutritious and scrumptious meals.

Deliveroo app is available for iOS here. Enter APROO for $15 first order (this is valid until 13th September 2016). Deliveries to offices are also made. For more information about Deliveroo, click here.

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Written by

Erika Coronel

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