Netflix and Countdown to 2017 with your kids!

Netflix and Countdown to 2017 with your kids!

Count down to 2017 at your own time with these ten Netflix original series!

Want to bid 2016 goodbye early-ish?

You can do so by counting down to 2017 with your kids at your own time.

Hopefully, you’ll be successful enough to make them go to bed earlier without letting them miss out on the excitement (which can swiftly change to crankiness) of ushering in the New Year.

Some of you have already tried tricks to put your little ones to bed early, such as changing the time on the clock. Those tricks may not work anymore, but maybe Netflix will! 


Netflix is introducing a range of New Year countdowns via children’s favourite Netflix original series, so that you lovely folks can watch with your kids before 12am (or anytime you want).

More importantly, once the children are off to bed, you and your spouse can pop open that bottle of champagne (or sip on hot Milo, take your pick) and proceed to Netflix and Chill your way to the New Year. *wink*wink*

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You can find these ten Netflix original series to countdown with this New Year's Eve.

Pick your kid's favourite or better yet, play them all!

  • "Trollhunters"
  • "Project Mc2"
  • "Fuller House"
  • "Beat Bugs"
  • "All Hail King Julien"
  • "Skylanders Academy
  • "Chasing Cameron"
  • "Word Party"
  • "Puffin Rock"
  • "Luna Petunia"

We wish you and your family an awesome New Year


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