Ask the expert about food allergies in kids

Ask the expert about food allergies in kids

Send in your questions to ask our expert, Dr Low Kah Tzay, who will provide tips and advice on managing food allergies in kids.

More than 20 percent of children worldwide suffer from various types of food allergies. Experts suggest that kids from families with a history of allergies are more likely to develop an allergic reaction.

Usually, foreign protein causes an allergy and that is harmless to a non-allergic person. This protein is called an “allergen”.  Protein found in cow’s milk, egg, peanut, soybeans and wheat are the most common food allergens that cause food allergies in infants and young children.

While there is no cure for food allergy to date, most kids tend to outgrow this condition as they grow up.

But do you know the difference between a food allergy and food intolerance? Why do certain foods trigger an allergic reaction in kids during the first years?

Nestlé and theAsianparent have teamed up to help you!

Our expert doctor, Dr Low Kah Tzay, will take questions posted by you regarding food allergies that affect young kids. Dr Low will look through and answer all of your questions himself the week after next.

Do look out for our upcoming articles to see the answers in text and video formats.

About Dr Low Kah Tzay

Dr Low Kah Tzay has vast experience in the intensive care of newborn babies, premature babies and sick babies.

He graduated as a specialist in Paediatrics Medicine in 1997, and served as a neonatologist with sub specialist fellowship training in Newborn and Developmental Medicine at the Monash Medical Centre in Victoria, Australia.

Prior to setting up his current private practice, Anson International Paediatric & Child Development Centre at Paragon Medical, Dr Low was a consultant in the Department of Neonatology and the Children Medical Institute at the National University Hospital (NUH).

About Nestlé Start Healthy Stay Healthy™

Nestlé Start Healthy Stay Healthy™ is Nestlé’s commitment to help support the healthy growth and development of babies. They do this by helping mothers establish healthy eating habits for them at each developmental stage. Nutrition in the first 1,500 days has a major impact on a child’s future.

1,000 days – It’s the time it takes to change the destiny of a child for the better, to help him develop to his full potential. At Nestlé, our vision is to help mothers ensure children receive good nutrition from conception, through pregnancy and breastfeeding, at weaning time and stage appropriate feeding choices all through toddlerhood. To deliver on that belief, Nestlé combines science, education and product innovation.

food allergies

Nestlé Start Healthy Stay Healthy™ helps mothers nurture happy, healthy babies, one baby at a time.

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 Ask Dr Low about food allergies in kids

Reference: Mayo Clinic

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