Neighbour behaves indecently with little girl in Singapore!

Neighbour behaves indecently with little girl in Singapore!

This girl believed her neighbour when he promised to buy her ice cream. How can we teach our children to be more vigilant?

The little girl thought that the nice uncle next door would get her ice cream. She was shocked by what happened next.

Promise of ice cream

According to The Straits Times, on Aug 14, 2016, Rosli Hassan, 55, went to his neighbour's house to offer packets of ice. The girl's mum declined the offer. He promised the little girl he would buy her ice cream if she came by his flat later.

The girl did go, but made sure to ask her mum for permission first.


When she arrived at the flat, she was welcomed in by Rosli, who was wearing a towel wrapped around his waist. The girl was asked to sit on the sofa in the living room. He enquired if she was wearing diapers to which she replied in the negative.

He then proceeded to lift up her dress with his hand (but did not touch her). She felt afraid and instinctively pulled her dress down.

Mum confronts him

Rosli gave the girl $4 to buy ice cream (and presumably, for her silence on the matter). She quickly left.

She ended up buying four ice creams for herself and her siblings for $1.80 and left the change outside Rosli's flat, on the shoe rack.

On returning home, she informed her mum about what had happened earlier. They went to Rosli's flat to confront him and returned the ice cream. The mother called the police.

On Wednesday, Jan 4, Rosli Hassan was jailed for four months.

Our children encounter people every day… the neighbours next door, in the supermarket, in the playground, while walking to school, and so on. Most of these people are just regular, nice people.

How then do we teach our kids about identifying suspicious behaviour? Go to the next page to find out...

We always warn our kids against talking to strangers and accepting sweets from them. But sometimes, the bait is just too tempting for their innocent minds and they get lured into danger. How can we prepare them to be more alert and vigilant? Here are some pointers:

  • Teach children the difference between 'good' strangers and 'bad' strangers: This is the trickiest part. My little one once described a man she had only met in the playground as, "He is a nice man, mummy...he smiled at me!"

Unfortunately, 'bad' people may not 'look' evil; nothing like the villains you see in the movies and cartoons. People with bad intentions can pretend to be nice and friendly as well. So do advise your kids never to walk off or get into houses with people they don't know.


  • Teach your kids about 'safe' strangers: These are the people the child can approach for help, in times of crisis. They include policemen and perhaps, mummies with kids?
  • No, Go, Yell, Tell method: If a stranger asks your child to go away with them or or if he tries to touch your child inappropriately or if he makes your child feel uncomfortable in any way, teach your child the “No, go, yell, tell” method. Basically, your child should say NO, go and run away, yell as loud as he can, and tell a trusted adult about what happened.
  • Explain "good touch" and "bad touch": Explain  to your child about private parts. That they are not for everyone to see. Only mummy and daddy, and maybe a doctor in the presence of a parent is allowed to look at them. Not even friends or relatives they know well.

No one should be allowed to touch their private parts or take pictures of them.

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(Source: The Straits Times)

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