Come celebrate National Day at Suntec City’s “Gai Gai” Carnival!

Come celebrate National Day at Suntec City’s “Gai Gai” Carnival!

For family fun and a shopping experience unlike any other, there’s only one destination for the upcoming National Day celebrations: Suntec City!

It’s time to celebrate independence on our little red dot and everything that makes us Singaporean! And even before the big National Day Parade and the fireworks, there’s plenty to do around town. If you’re looking for a family outing that’s loaded with good food, fun games, and unique shopping deals, head over to Suntec City’s National Day Carnival. Everything you could wish for is happening here: Suntec City has been transformed into a carnival of nostalgic delight, you can take part in spend and redeem promotions, and parking is FREE on 9 August 7am to 10 August 7am! Read on to discover all the surprises in store for you.

Gai Gai Carnival: A National Day Celebration Full of Nostalgic Delights

It’s all happening at Suntec City’s East Wing L1 (Near Promenade Station Exit C). The Gai Gai Carnival is a nostalgia-filled time machine that will send you back to the Singapore of yesteryear. Within the carnival, you’ll find:

  • A shopping experience that could only be uniquely Singaporean! 
  • Food stalls  with Singapore delicacies, local comfort food, and modern re-imaginings of our cuisine
  • Game stalls for the young and the young-at-heart

Admission is free, so don’t hesitate to visit!

Come celebrate National Day at Suntec City’s “Gai Gai” Carnival!

Just how adorable is that bouncy castle? The kids will love it!

That’s not all that’s free either. The freebies start with traditional ice cream (remember ice cream with rainbow bread?) – simply locate the friendly staff who are distributing the free ice cream coupons to redeem for your free ice cream! And what’s more, the kids get free play at the Kueh Kueh Bouncy Castle – it’s the perfect opportunity to take some pictures for your Instagram!

After the Kueh Kueh Bouncy Castle, make sure to visit the “Ah Ma House” at the Gai Gai Carnival. It’s a replica of how your grandma’s house – how all our grandma’s houses – used to look like, and we guarantee it will take you back in time. 

The Fun Awaits at the Gai Gai Carnival Game Stalls

To keep the kids entertained, Suntec City has a tonne of fun lined up. Come to the game stalls at Gai Gai Carnival to experience old school fun before tablets and phones were invented. There’s nothing like it!

All you have to do to play these games is spend a minimum of $54 in the mall to redeem 6 Gai Gai carnival game coupons.* (Each game requires only one coupon.) And when you take part in the games, you could also win random prizes like Chapteh, stationery, Bestman balloons, wooden spin tops, and more.

Come celebrate National Day at Suntec City’s “Gai Gai” Carnival!

Prizes will be given away at selected game stalls. Everyone’s a winner!

Come celebrate National Day at Suntec City’s “Gai Gai” Carnival!

Remember Jotter Books? What was in yours?

  • Chop Chop Book

Who can ever forget Jotter Books? Now you can relive your school years and decorate these jotter books with your kids, using uniquely Singaporean icon stamps no less!

  • Kiap Kiap Machine

 Love arcade games? Grab the old school candies from the mini claw machines!

  • Matchy Matchy Fun

 The classic memory game – match two to win!

Come celebrate National Day at Suntec City’s “Gai Gai” Carnival!

The carnival atmosphere comes alive in the Bang Bang Gun game stall. Don’t worry – it’s just rubber bands!

  • Bang Bang Gun

Everyone had these rubber band guns in our childhood. Put your shooting skills to the test and shoot the targets! (Age limit of six years old and above.)

  • Kopi Kopi Slider

Similar to the beer slider, the kopi slider offers a local flavour to the game.

  • Liam Liam Stall

Get a free temporary Singaporean-style tattoo of your choice at the Liam Liam Stall.

Food Odyssey

One of the best things about living in Singapore is the cuisine. Celebrate our heritage with these food booths at the carnival. The food on offer has everything from the traditional to the cutting edge of gastronomy – and they’re all delicious!

  • Mala Mala

As Singapore’s first homegrown mala brand, Mala Mala challenges the conventional by reinterpreting the exotic flavours of Mala with a contemporary twist. The result is the perfect indulgent snack for people of all lifestyles.

  • Rich and Good Cake Shop

A specialist in Swiss rolls, the bakery offers at least 10 variants daily, providing flavours for everyone. Special mention goes to crowd favourites such as the kaya flavour and the fragrant durian flavour. The Selected flavours of the popular mini Swiss roll will be available at the carnival, while stocks last.

  • The Kettle Gourmet

After months of rigorous testing and fine-tuning, The Kettle Gourmet hit the local market in July 2017 with their unique interpretation of popcorn with local flavours such as Teh Tarik and Chicken Rice Popcorn. Today, The Kettle Gourmet is known for their innovative flavours and a refined taste that will satisfy even the pickiest eater.

Must-Have Singapore Memorabilia

The delights of the National Day celebration go beyond the food options. While you’re shopping, make sure to grab these uniquely Singaporean memorabilia, at area65:

  • Red Republic Merlion Chou Chou Plushie + Kebaya Attire (sold separately)

The mythical Merlion, reincarnated as a cuddly plushie and paired with Singapore’s iconic Singapore girl kebaya. We hope they both continue to spread our island’s sunny smiles!

  • Red Republic Good Morning Series

The ubiquitous good morning towel is a symbol of the hardworking Singaporean and has become one of our beloved symbols of nostalgia. Now, it has taken on a new life in this modern interpretation.

  • Red Republic Recipe Plates

Singapore’s most iconic culinary dishes are now artfully recreated into a collection of Recipe Plates. Rekindle your sweet and savoury memories when you whip up your own, before handing down the mouth-watering concoction through the generations!

  • Meykrs Ang Ku Kueh Cushion

The Ang Ku Kueh Cushion is an XL cushion version of the Chinese pastry made of glutinous rice flour skin wrapped around a sweet filling. Yum!

Shopping Celebration

It’s the perfect time to go shopping: The party atmosphere extends beyond the carnival to every corner of the mall. A number of promotions and special deals are all lined up for you so you can make the most of your shopping when you go to Suntec City from 22 July to 11 Aug 2019.

  1.  Spend a minimum of $54* and redeem ez-link Card Top-up (worth $2) or Parking Coupon (worth $2.80) + 6 x Gai Gai Carnival Game Coupons.
  2. Spend a minimum of $100* and redeem an additional $5 Suntec City Voucher. 
  3. If you charge a minimum of $80* in a single receipt using JCB credit cards  redeem $10 Suntec City Voucher (starting from 1 Aug to 31 Oct). 

Kampong Fun

Wait, there’s more! The Gai Gai Carnival isn’t the only thing going on at Suntec City. 

Head on over to the West Wing L1 to experience Kampong Spirit Kampong Fun, an exhibit by the National Heritage Board, happening from 22 July till 11 August. It’s all about reliving Kampong memories and getting reacquainted with traditional games. An experience not to be missed.

Can’t wait for the fun to start? Head on over to Suntec City for Gai Gai Carnival. The celebration begins every Friday and lasts the whole weekend, happening this week and next week ( 26 July to 4 August).

For more information, visit . All Information is accurate at time of publish.


* Terms and conditions apply. 

All redemptions are valid for Suntec Rewards Members only. 

Maximum 1 redemption per member per day, except for JCB Card members exclusive

Maximum of 3 combined same-day receipts, except for JCB Card members exclusive 

While stocks last. Other terms and conditions apply.

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