My husband can’t see me without makeup!

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More women are sleeping with makeup out of fear that their husbands will find them unattractive in the morning.


Are you guilty of sleeping with make up?

My fair lady

More women shriek at the thought of having new partners see them barefaced. To avoid having their husbands witness their true countenance, layers of foundation and eye shadow are slapped onto their faces, while fake lashes are stuck on tight every single night before going to bed.

This is all done so that they can look young and pretty during the night, first thing in the morning, and throughout the day. Ironically, appearing without makeup makes some women feel more vulnerable than donning their birthday suits!

Overly self-conscious

Daily Mail recently reported that one in four women in the UK refuse to go without makeup, even and especially while sleeping. In order to look their best for their partners, women go to bed with a full face of makeup so that they don’t look repulsive in the morning. Ridiculous? It’s only self-conscious.

Out of the 1,500 British women interviewed, 95 per cent of those who were actively wearing makeup to bed admitted to keeping it a secret. Besides the need to look pretty in the morning, they also reasoned that their partners look just as good in the morning as when they went to bed.

The pressure to look good for their partners is causing women to be increasingly self-conscious. Despite admitting to the negative effects on their skin, women are still insistent on wearing a full face of makeup round the clock.


Round the clock make up does severe damage to your skin

Makeup damages

Most women are aware that their skin health is at stake when applying makeup around the clock. And yet, vanity outweighs the emergence of clogged pores, blackheads, breakouts and acne. Moreover, many women who insist on sleeping with makeup on admitted that their beauty regime does affect their good night’s rest.

Apart from acne, A Huffington Post article also affirmed that sleeping with makeup would lead to premature aging. According to Dr Erin Gilbert, wearing makeup for long periods of time stresses your skin.

Not giving your skin a recovery period causes collagen breakdown, resulting in fine lines and wearing of the skin. A woman wearing foundation for long periods of time will look drastically different because foundation will cause skin to appear duller.

Significant eye irritation may also be a result of wearing mascara and eyeliners to bed. Prolonged irritation may cause severe eye inflammation and infection.

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