My First Skool’s newest pre-schools are purpose-built for your little ones

My First Skool’s newest pre-schools are purpose-built for your little ones

If you live in either in Sengkang West or Jurong West and are looking for a pre-school for your child, there is good news for you! My First Skool is all set to open their first large pre-schools which have been custom built with the children's learning objectives in mind.

Families are the foundation of any society, making up the social fabric that holds individuals together.

To address a low birth rate and ensure that family as a building block of the country remains solid, the Singapore government has done much to support younger families recently. Besides enhancing the Baby Bonus Scheme, the government has also taken measures to ensure that both, working and non working parents have access to good quality care and education for their little ones.

One way of achieving this is through the establishment of large childcare centres across Singapore.

If you live in Sengkang West or Jurong West, there is good news for you – in Q3 of this year, you will have access to brand new custom-built large pre-schools by My First Skool.


Lots of space, well trained teachers, brand new infrastructure and a robust curriculum are only few of the reasons for you to consider enrolling your child in one of these centres.

The many benefits that your child will enjoy when you enrol him in any of the two My First Skool’s Large Childcare Centres include the following:

Custom-built purposeful space

Majority of the pre-schools in Singapore are located in the void deck of HDB flats or in commercial spaces such as community centres, shopping malls or office buildings – restricting the space the children have for play and exploration.

Despite their best intentions, the teachers at these pre-schools are unable to use the space as they would ideally want to. They have to be mindful of the noise levels and restrict activity so that it does not cause disturbance to the public.

Some of the outdoor spaces are also in close proximity to main roads which is dangerous and ends up restricting outdoor play. As a result of these factors, children also end up spending a lot more time under artificial lighting.

My First Skool Preschool

My First Skool’s large pre-schools change this space dynamic and lend themselves beautifully to the learning and development objectives for the children. Here the buildings have been designed and built from scratch – as a result the team at My First Skool has been able to design their own class room and play areas to minimise danger and risks while testing the emerging abilities of the children.

A safe, and well-planned environment provides the optimum potential for the children to seek new challenges even as they master old ones.

At both, Sengkang West and Jurong West, the outdoor play space has been considered as an extension of the classroom and therefore has a physical and social environment where children feel similarly welcomed, trusted, and respected and this makes them more open to learning.

More teachers: more care, more collaboration

They say a pre-school is only as good as its teachers, so the better the teachers, the better their collaboration and the quality of care and education that your child will get.

There is no doubt, that while they all go through similar training programmes, each teacher does come with his or her own unique knowledge and set of different skills, interests, strengths and experiences. A good pre-school, will have teachers that have a diverse set of experiences and skills and then get them to work collaboratively to create the most innovative and enabling learning environment.

My First Skool Preschool

Both of My First Skool’s large pre-schools will have a large number of educators, allowing for teamwork practices within the pre-school. There will also be a much higher opportunity to share knowledge and skills that they attain from attending different workshops, learning journeys and ECE courses.

All this will encourage positive outcomes for your child’s learning. There is no doubt, that My First Skool large pre-schools will provide a positive, safe and meaningful learning experience for your child.

So what are you waiting for? Visit or call 6509 7887 to join My First Skool today!

My First Skool Preschool

My First Skool large pre-school at Jurong West and Sengkang West opens in Q3 2016.

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