Free must watch math tutorials!

Free must watch math tutorials!

YouTube is a great place to improve your maths. Check out our top five channels that offer free math tutorials that are easy to understand no matter your mathematical capabilities.


The beauty of YouTube is that it has the ability to take us and teach us virtually anywhere and anything through it's videos. Apart from laughing out loud at those ridiculous videos of people falling, you can master maths in the comforts of your home. How's that for advanced technology! We have compiled our top five YouTube channels to check out when you're stuck in a math rut. The free math tutorials on offer are simple to understand and most don't induce sleep in the first five minutes.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is probably the go-to site for kids of all ages to get a better understanding of mathematical concepts. They have over 3000 videos covering topics from algebra and calculus to economics and biology. The videos are made by a select group of academic experts in their field so parents don't have to worry about the quality of the content. Below is a video on a topic that trips up many students - fractions. Check it out to learn more about how to add and subtract fractions effectively.

Video math tutor

The Video Math Tutor is Luis Anthony Ast, a math tutor by trade. He has uploaded great math videos that detail the different topics systematically so even the slower learners can grasp the concepts being taught. What stands out in his videos is his humour and his use of visuals to break down more abstract topics such as algebra and fractions. These techniques will definitely engage students, especially the ones with short attention span. The video below is on units of measurements.

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Ten Marks

Focused on adaptive learning, TenMarks prides itself in catering for each student's needs. They understand that each child learns differently and their videos reflects that understanding. The video below is on how to develop formulas to find the different measurements of circles.

Math Mammoth

Similar to attending a class in school, the Math Mammoth videos feature a female teacher breaking down mathematical concepts to digestible six minute videos. The short videos are great for students with short attention span as well as great revision tools. The videos also feature tools and techniques that will help in mastering maths. It also pegs itself as not just a resource for students but one that is equally helpful for parents and teachers as well.  The video below is one example of a structured drill technique that can help students memorise their multiplication tables more effectively.

Peter Weatherall videos

The mathematics videos by Peter Weatherall are a little different but they are a great way to introduce the younger ones to mathematical concepts such as fractions. The main feature that differentiates these videos from the rest on the list, is its use of music. The two minute videos usually start with a song related to the topic before going into the sum or problem to solve it. The colourful animation too lends the videos an interesting quality that will grab any student's attention. The video featured below is on fractions.

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